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How do I make a new photo album for my photos on my iPhone?

Can you make another photo album on your iphone besides the "camera roll" album?

All this is done on your computer with selected folders that contain photos transferred to your iPhone via the iTunes sync process - the same for transferring iTunes music and created playlists.

Creating Your Engagement Photo Album

One day, years from now, you'll want to relive the memories of your engagement. The thrills, eagerness, and anticipation you felt will bring a smile to your face. The best way to live through the experience again is by looking at the photographs you took. And the time to begin taking those photos is the moment you become engaged.

In this article, we'll provide a few tips for putting together the perfect engagement photo album. We'll describe the memorable dates you'll want to capture, how to choose your album's style, and finding the right clothes for the shots.

Important Dates To Capture

Your first shot should celebrate your decision to get married. Take a photograph immediately after you or your partner says "Yes!" You'll both be smiling so the picture is sure to turn out well. Take another shot when you set the date to get married. You'll also want to document the road trips and vacations that you and your sweetheart enjoy together.

On the day that you and your bridesmaids schedule a trial run for your hair and makeup, have a professional wedding photographer take photos afterward. You may even want to take "before shots" to inject a bit of playfulness into your photo album.

The last four of five weeks leading up to your wedding will be filled with moments you'll want to capture on film. Some will be with friends; others will be with your partner. Keep your camera ready.

Style And Form

Let your style and personality pave the way. Some engagement photo albums are formal; most of the shots are posed and taken in a studio. Other couples prefer candid pictures taken outside. Use some creativity; you and your sweetheart are literally calling the shots.

Consider spending a couple of days visiting your regular stomping grounds. For example, do you have a favorite restaurant that you both enjoy? Are you both movie enthusiasts? As long as certain locations have a special significance to your relationship, take the shots. You're bound to remember them with a smile years down the road.

The Right Clothes For The Shot

Avoid outfits with busy patterns; they don't normally make for attractive engagement pictures. Nor do clothes that perfectly match your partner's (a little colorful contrast works wonders). Solid hues are always a safe bet, but be wary of clothes that are completely black or white. Instead, try to coordinate deep blues, grays, and reddish tones.

When it comes to jewelry, less is more. Men should remove their watches, bracelets, and rings. Ladies should limit their sparkle to simple earrings and necklaces. Anything more will likely cause a distraction in the shots.

Creating Your Memories

Your wedding engagement pictures will become more valuable to you over time. Throughout the years, you and your spouse will want to relive the memories that you created together. Plus, if you're uploading your photographs to a personal "in the moment" wedding blog, they can do double duty in keeping your friends and family informed along the way. By the time you and your sweetheart say "I do," you'll have the makings of a perfect engagement photo album.

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