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Ideas on how to hang pictures?

I really think that these nice frames on the wall I got my photos from another, but .. there is no slot or something rear suspension. Is there anything I could put in the back to be able to do on the wall? Any suggestions would be very apperciate

If is measured carefully, drill a hole in the rear of the chassis (not very well) and hang a nail. ... or you could go to the store and buy the screws and his son. or those things small picture hanging mountain ... whatever ...

Space saving clothes suspension

Apparently, women have a lot of clothes and no storage space to hang on without crushing all - yes, it is not surprising that only women seem to use 35% of the clothes were hanging in their lockers. This lack of wardrobe may topped with a small footprint package sticks or other drawings. An old favorite for hanging clothes in the back of the door is the space saving suspension bar. It comes with a pair of hooks and hangers space saving five per package. This pack of hangers to save space allows you to hang ten elements of a doorframe or a chair rail or back door - two garments accessories through the hole. You can even use in your wardrobe or hanging clothes to dry. He was a year favorite and seems to have been raised recently with some success.

Another design is a space saving hanger suspension closet organizer suspension containing ten small hooks 49cm along its length. This space saving hanger with clothes safely in your closet ten clothing per hole. Meanwhile, the incumbent mobile collapsible framework facilitates the transport of pants clothes easier. When not in use folds up, 222g and is very unlikely to take charge of your baggage allowance. Another innovation is the hangers Kascade ordered. This is a set of 30 wooden hangers vertically due to a small hook and attractive where the metal hook is attached wooden hanger, clothes can be held in a cascade, thereby saving considerable space. These space saving hangers measure 17inch 14inch W x 8inch D x H and are solid wood with a natural polished finish.

The multi-percha hanging hooks provide a different design and 12cm long x 1.5 cm in width measurement. He Done in black plastic and come in packs of 12. These hooks, clothing save space correctly on any standard suspension, leaving room for an additional three pieces to be hung on the same pole. If you are looking to save space hangers for pants carefully, one of the best designs is the standard 4-bar hanger wooden pants. This wooden hanger, which measures 15 "W x 13.5 inches H has a side mechanism hinge that allows each carrier to slide from side to an angle for easy access, making it easy to block or remove the pants.

For those men who still have a selection of links, suspension Turn Tie a lightweight and compact perfect. This article is in two parts that must be cut just before use. It is always a problem finding a suitable place to hang a selection of links man, as is often slip out of the normal capacity of saving hangers and end on the floor of your closet. Part of the problem with hang up is the weight of relations as a whole. Although there is a return to a tie "is announced as comfortably accommodate up to 20 links the sheer weight of them is prevented according to reports from some customers. In short, it seems to be part of the problem with some of these innovations do not take into account the extent to which some items are heavy. In general, however, there are some very good space saving hangers on the market with more innovative designs available.

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