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How I can mount a picture frame on a wall?

I'm mounting a 24x36 picture frame one, the audience occupied. The framework undoubtedly be beaten by people walking around, backpacks, etc. I have to find a way to fix the frame on the wall to withstand these blows, it was not out of place do not hit people, and do tons of damage to the wall. Mounting a single screw or bolt is out question. Ideas?

I like to get into a band and double nail the sides and back. This should keep it in place.

Marcos de Bellas Artes

When it comes to your pictures or paintings of art, there are few hard and fast rules when it comes to frames. However, there is a clear procedure for the assembly of any work of visual art or a valuable document, youâ € ™ ll need to design and appropriate supplies, photo frames and mats. The best way is perhaps to purchase complete sets of frames, which include youâ € ™ ll be together executives.

The fact is that poor preparation may be worse than just paste a picture or a painting on the wall with thumbtacks. The frames are actually a means of storing files, and should be done properly to preserve the artifact in fact, if itâ € ™ sa photo painting or a valuable document. The choice picture frame itself is significant, frames, and paintings and other materials should supplement, not at the expense of the artifact, and should be adapted to dà © cor of the room in which to display.

The framing and matting supplies youâ € ™ ll need, and frameworks include a good amount of cardboard. Board Mount is what your photo of the painting is actually attached to, preferably using Photo Corners or adhesive joint tissue. The matting separates the image of crystal â € " clear glass or acrylic that fits on a self-image € "keeping the image surface in contact with him. Otherwise, you run the risk of condensation damage and significant result for the single motor.

Youâ € ™ ll need the right tools in addition to their coaching kits, cutters Cardboard professional advice is a good investment. Apart from that, youâ € ™ ll need a good straight edge with a certain type of measure, a square and a good dose patience, because there is some skill involved.

Apart from the above guidelines, the selection of frames depends largely on your tastes and preferences. Wood is a popular choice, offering the warmth and brightness suitable for most dà © cor and are available in different styles As part of the frame kits , and independent of custom frame. On the other hand, metal frames in soft colors and the subject are relatively inexpensive and are discreet, but they tend not to wear affect the object itself.

If You Choose metal or wooden photo frames them, itâ € ™ s important to use a framing Good quality mats and supplies that have been treated with an alkaline neutralizing agent to protect the engine of acidity. Pay attention to the execution construction and mats, frames and serve their function for many years.

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Susan Slobac is an avid photographer. Susan believes a picture frame is More Than just fashion; it's a safeguard for something you love.


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