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How can I make cheap poster / picture frames?

I want to decorate my basment, and I want a load of picture frames.

Not sure if this will be suitable for you but in my basement I have a lot of metallic surfaces, so I used something like this to arrange my photos - http://www.magneticdecor.com/Clear-Crystal-Corner-Magnets-Set-of/M/B0017TVNA4.htm

Tips For Choosing The Perfect School Photo Frame

Do you want to give your children a special keepsake of their childhood school years but aren't sure what to do?  School photo frames will not only protect your child’s pictures and school mementos, but will be a wonderful reminder for them of their childhood school years. School picture frames are a fun way for the entire family to watch your children grow and especially make great gifts for grandparents.

This article will help give you some questions to ask before choosing a school picture frame and give you suggestions for different ways to display your kids photos.

With so many options to choose from when selecting a school picture frame, you should ask yourself these four questions before you begin shopping for your school picture frame.

  1. Do you have many photos to display and limited space to display them?
  2. Do you want to display pictures and school mementos together in one frame?
  3. Do you want a frame to display just one school year or a framing option that will hold all of their school years in one frame?
  4. Will this school picture frame be a gift?

Answering these questions will help you find a school photo frame a whole lot faster and ensure you find just what you want.

Question #1: Do you have many photos to display and limited space to display them?

If you answered that you have a lot of pictures to frame with limited space, you should use a frame that holds multiple pictures. A couple great selections for framing multiple photos are collage frames, school years frames and double or triple frames.

Collage picture frames are best for candid school photos or displaying pictures of multiple children in a single frame. Collage frames are also a great solution for displaying a variety of different sized photos in a single frame.  

School years picture frames are designed to display school pictures of a child in each grade level. This type of photo frame holds wallet sized photos, so if you have larger sized pictures, you'll need to select a different type of school photo frame.

Double and triple picture frames also make great frames for displaying school portraits of multiple children. Since school portraits come in a variety of sizes like wallets, 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10, they work great for displaying in double or triple picture frames.  Both triple and double frames come in a variety of standard sizes so you can display just about any size of school portrait. Plus, with these frames, you can simply replace the previous year’s photo with the current photo without taking up a lot of space on your mantle or wall.

Question #2: Do you want to frame school pictures and keepsakes both in a single frame?

If you have school keepsakes like school projects, artwork or awards that you want to display with pictures, you should consider using a scrapbook frame or shadow box frame. A scrapbook picture frame offers twice the enjoyment because you can create a scrapbook page for each school year and be able to display it in a scrapbook frame. Scrapbook frames are used for thin mementos and pictures, while shadow box frames are used for larger, thicker items like medals or an art project. Ready made shadow box frames are available in depths of ½ inch to 1 ¾ inches or you have the option of a custom made shadow box frame made specifically for the dimensions of your item.

Question #3: Do you want to display just one school year picture or a frame that will hold multiple school years photos all in one frame?

School picture frames that only hold a single school year photo can be found in wood, metal or a decorative school days picture frame. There is a wide selection of cute pewter kid’s frames. You can choose anything from school bus frames to a butterfly frame to truck frames. If you're looking for a more classic picture frame that will complement your decor, you should consider selecting a beautiful wood frame or even a metal picture frame.

If you have children or grandchildren and are looking for a school photo frame that will display each school year in one frame, use a school years picture frame. With the school years frame there is an opening for each grade level portrait. Another option is to use a matted collage frame using a photo from each grade level.

Question #4: Will this school photo frame be a gift?

If the school picture frame is for a gift, be sure the frame will complement the person’s style and personality. Whether they have classic, simple taste or prefer a more decorative look, by matching the school frame to the person's taste you'll help to ensure your gift will be used and appreciated. You are always safe with a classic wood or metal frame, which tend to go with almost any picture or decor.

It's also important to select a frame that will go with any school picture. If giving as a gift, remember to send a new picture every year.

School picture frames can be a fun way to watch your children or grandchildren change and grow throughout their school years. With so many choices you are sure to find the perfect school photo frame that will look great wherever you choose to display it.

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Autumn Lockwood loves taking pictures and is a writer for Your Picture Frames. Your Picture Frames offers a large selection of picture frames in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. Shop online to see our school photo frames and graduation frames by visiting our online picture frame shop or calling us at 1-800-780-0699.


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