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How I can use a sewing pattern?

I know I have to cut the pattern pieces, but then put them on the web, or pins, And what is the best way to mark the fabric? Advice on all the others? Thanks!

Hello, the first Google "learn Couture "And check a few websites that have instructions that you can understand to find sites that are for beginners Reason: .. Before cutting the songs to read all instructions at the top of page 1 carefully. Design pattern pieces of hardware is very important how clothing turn. Once has indicated its pattern pieces on the cutting material and mark all the circles, darts and all that may be necessary to score. You really need to read some sites for beginners before cutting the fabric. It is not difficult, but some things really need to know that your project comes from the right. Good luck to you. PS Here are some websites I've found in Google. I look closely, but maybe you can find something in one of these will help.


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