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craft stores in India, New Delhi??

any craft stores have these things no large size also batterers hallmarks of different forms, reliefs No pigment powder heat tool, paper cutter, thin double-sided tape, designer styamps No stamps pads different colors? Help plz!

You can try two shops: one named Alpana Kalpana and the other in Sarojini Nagar market, New Delhi ... all of them are craft

Ink Pads â € "Verses pigment dye

Remember when you were a child, stamp pads are fascinating for some reason? He seemed so funny to see when the teacher to use your ink pad to stamp papers. Then I remember how exciting it is to obtain an ink pad and scheduled for Christmas or your birthday? Much fun was it to sit at a table and label documents with all different labels supplied with the game?

Well rubber stamping is so fun for kids today as it was then, but today is a much wider range of rubber stamps to choose from. What you may not know is that ink pads are divided into two basic types and is based œdye € â € and â € based € œpigment Inka Inka.

By then, what is the difference between the two? It turns out that the differences are numerous and make a big difference in the two types of behaviors and characteristics of ink when be used.

For example, for children and office or household, a pad would be the best option. The main reason is that ink drying is the faster of the two types of ink. As a result, the ink will give a much more finely acute, detailed when used.

The other type of platform pad is the basis of pigment. It also has unique features that make it a better choice for other special situations. It has a drying time much slower, for example, be a better choice for treatment with embossing powders.

However, there is a shortfall of using a pad that contains a pigment-based ink in it and does not function well in bright or Another type of coated paper. However, according pigmented ink leaves a more or opaque œthickerâ € â €, â € â € œdenserâ printing ink dye-based, therefore, is something you might consider.

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