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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Pillow Fabric Panel products and information here meets your needs.

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What colors go well with rich pumpkin color accent wall?

I paint my walls a deep, rich color of pumpkin (it's Behr "crisis" sesame). I bought some chocolate brown signs for the windows tab. I also bought the bone color fabric for large pillows on my couch to go brown. Also I have some green plants ... I wonder what thoughts about textures and colors that go well? Thanks! I did not even think of adding a touch blue, which is a great idea!

all the colors of green would be good with pumpkin, because they are natural in this color. And certain types of blues and beige neutral colors and others. The best thing to do is go to any any store that sells paintings and take some chips leaves the screen, check the colors you love that you put the pumpkin color that and be on hand with you when shopping for any stage of this piece.

Decorate the room - how to gather Mira

Like any other room in our house, we want our rooms at Put-together and elegant. But we also want our bedrooms to be a paradise, very comfortable and welcoming - after all, is the first and the last thing we see all the day.

His bed is what I call the "anchor" in the room - the largest piece of fabric and style the most important part. If you want a coordinating room, put yourself, you need to ensure that complement your window treatments (which may or may not match) your bedding. You can make your room so if you're ready to buy "-made" or "customized".

For DYI'er.

1. If are in the process of purchasing new bedding, I would strongly suggest you buy coordinating window too. Often stores retail accessories coordinate with their assortment of bedding - so if you have already found the model you want, it is easy buy the whole package. You can always learn more about the curtains www.CurtainHowTo.com.

2. If you are satisfied with the bedding, but unhappy with the type of window treatments available, you can always buy anyway, then just use the web to compensate for a window similar treatment (You get into custom work here)

3. If you're happy with your current bedding and seeks only the treatment window Here are some tips:
a. Be sure to match the palette of primary colors of both bedding and treatment. Not all colors should match, but the predominant.
b. If your bedding is very reasons, is easier to choose the curtains solid (this also works in reverse.)
C. Buy an additional panel and bring a pillow - and even a hint of this type can make a difference. Your local vacuum can do for you.
d. If you want to be really daring, the purchase several panels, and the use of fabric to make a bed skirt and pillows or blankets. This could be a bit too advanced for a cleaner local and you have to find a seamstress.

4. Buy an additional panel and use it as a shot at the foot of the bed. Although there nothing wrong with mixing models will be easier for you to use a solid hit on a quilt with pictures (and back).

Custom work.
As usual nothing, the sky is the limit, but here are the basic considerations:

1. Be sure to select the fabric of your bedding first. There is the anchor and all other elements thereof. How do, of course I love it!

2. It is preferable that fabric and fabric window treatments dildo game. So I said no. Because both use such a large amount of material, see the same pattern in 75% of your room too much the same. Of course, that said, some design is subjective and personal - if you really like, go!

3. Choose the lease of three models: a primary and secondary two. If you like the model of the height and is not afraid to try, go for five or six.

4. It will be easier for you to choose a solid fabric quilt and use different patterns for pillows and bags.

5. rooms are Personalized better after writing a bench at the foot of the bed.

If you fill your room in a store, there are some simple steps you can take to make a double bed, put-together, and in the budget. If you make personalized treatments, decide how much risk you are willing to take their patterns and what he feels he wants to achieve. The designer will help you choose the right fabric.

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Vita Vygovska is the owner of V2K Window Décor and a Window Treatment Expert. She helped countless clients transform their homes with decorated windows. She works via in-person, as well as virtual appointments where the client gets design ideas right on the photo. Vita is the author of "The Fast & Easy Guide to Buying and Installing Your Curtains and Drapery Panels", a DIY step-by-step manual on curtains. Visit http://www.VitaV2K.com for FREE tips and design ideas.


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