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Are you tired of spending tons of money to decorate your home?

The use of these ideas refresh a room immediately. You can choose two or three ideas and completely change your room - your friends can actually believe that everything is new! You'll be surprised results!

* Create a Makeup

Although no one likes to choose paint colors, ribbon, ornaments and paintings, is the fundamental need for good solid base.

The first step in choosing a paint color is to look around your room and choose a color art, a carpet or upholstery. Remember that color around them, and careful not to go too light or shocking. Reds, yellows and oranges tend to be warm colors that excite and stimulate your senses (and appetite!). Blue, green and brown / Brown calm colors that soothe your senses.

* Create a drama with blinds

Although treatment is outside the grid may banal and boring, it is easy to conceive treatments using an impressive base of custom panels of the window. You can easily convert standard mesh valance rod in the specialty or pleated panels, you can add washers or flat braid elegant eyelashes, or layer multiple panels to create an appearance of design. They are easy, "DIY" type of projects that transform boring rod panels, window treatments impressive.

* Accents change padding

When you do not want to splurge on the new surface, has a few options that add dynamism without the price tag on a couch again.

The easiest way is to change the pillows. If you just change the pillows, you should be sure to make a statement or a dramatic change not be strong enough to impact the entire room. They should match the window treatments to link everything.

Choose fabrics and dramatic color will make a statement. To create a design style, luxury, add embellishments, buttons or inserts.

The other option is only re-cover the cushions on the sofa. This works especially well in leather sofas, and allows you to completely change the style of the room.

* New Work Shows

You can completely change the style of your room, changing work of art. Imagine a sofa wholesale flowers a neutral color. your floral games, style and colors of the room. Now imagine the same room with an abstract print on the sofa. Now, the room becomes an air of artistic, contemporary.

* A carpet is the art of your floor

Carpets are like works of art, you can adjust the tone, style and color of the entire room - as you can change the whole room! Many interior designers recommend you start by choosing a hall of carpet area first, and all the buildings around the carpet.

* Quick-Fix in the kitchen / dining room

Although window treatments and carpets are a good way affect the kitchen and dining room, another quick and easy solution is to change the upholstery of couch. Many chairs can you be covering new projects. However, a local upholsterer can help with the project relatively inexpensive.

All these changes are dramatic, high impact that can be done virutally occur throughout the house without a ton of money or major renovations. However, some of us may need extra help.

Although most interior designers are primarily interested the total makeover of the room and large projects, is not a new concept that is particularly suitable for small projects. Many design firms are specialists from the addition of small projects - often called Re-Designers.

Re-Designers generally assist in the organization of furniture, art Wall hanging, choosing paint colors, accessories, selection of works of art or rugs, or just suggestions "do it yourself" that will make homeowners on track.

Find the right window treatments can sometimes be difficult - especially when you do not want what everyone world, and big box stores make always the same. A resource that has been pre-made panels to a new level is Softline. It is a manufacturer and only sell to retail stores. However, they have more than 700 different fabrics, patterns and colors, and you can find retailers in your area or online and make their line.

You can also find companies that specialize in providing "wholesale sale" or "customized" treatment semi-custom. They are usually window dressing full custom solutions offered on how to select and choose the fabrics, but are tailored according to your specifications. With tens of thousands of styles and fabrics to choose from, you can get a custom price wholesale window treatment!

Choose among the ideas here to see the degree of satisfaction is to return home to a new and fresh! You'll be amazed at how you feel and you'll love the reaction of their friends and family.

About the Author

Melody Foster owns The Cozy Home, an interior design firm. They have Step-by-step Instructions on how to create the window treatments mentioned in this article. You can also Ask An Expert about your specific questions. You can purchase all styles of window treatments, including Softline panels, at The Cozy Home.


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