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Do you think all women should dye his hair pink for breast cancer awareness?

For many women in the population active, a pink head would be professional suicide. Many of us has an area of pink woven into our hair. Not only does it look cool, he made a statement "I care - now get your mammogram!"

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Graphic

The rest of the day is spent cleaning the house and wash clothes in one hour the local gym.

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After taking a shower Jenny felt chest pain. This could be a symptom of menopause only is there no need to worry. The pain was worse in the coming days, the feeling was something else, has finally decided to consult the doctor.

The doctor was a friend of the family. The initial diagnosis was made by touching the breasts followed by an analysis with a mammogram.

There were many cells cancerous in another trial that he had to do. The doctor had to be you What a sample is extracted and sent to a pathologist for analysis. After the test, it was only then that the greatest fear of women has become a reality. Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was already in the 3rd phase.

The third stage: The cancer has increased by more than 5 cm. size and has spread to other parts of the body. This leaves the breast removal unnecessary because the disease can no longer be contained.

Will continue to hope Jenny already at an advanced stage of breast cancer? The truth is that the chances of recovery are very difficult.

Be informed about the Breast cancer is a shocking experience. There were some warning signs of infidelity after acceptance. The doctor explained everything to Jenny, including treatment and survival rates.

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This Jenny is gonna be great and this battle is only the beginning of a long struggle.

Chemotherapy is the best option now. The drugs produced some side effects as nausea and rashes, but Jenny just thought it was short term because there is something more and more in need of being killed.

Both Jenny and the doctor went ahead with the removal of the chest with a procedure called a mastectomy. Because modern medicine can have this rebuilt, it was a small price to pay. To ensure that all cells had been removed, followed by radiotherapy.

Jenny was happy to learn that the cancer had disappeared nearly a year after the diagnosis was made. Some say it was a miracle after the battle had been so eventually won. There a feast and everyone who prayed and supported were there for a second chance at life.

The doctor said the cancer may return. Therefore why Jenny did not visit the clinic frequently for the treatment and tests to make sure everything was destroyed.

advanced breast cancer is sometimes difficult to say. A test at home is not enough that the reason the patient should consult a doctor for an examination once or twice year.

There are many people who die of breast cancer and a significant number also are diagnosed each year. The person can fight as hard as Jenny fact or simply abandon the disease.

Until a cure is found, the only thing people can do work on options and hope a miracle will happen.

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