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Waiting for the first day of school?

I think that wearing something like that, except the brown jacket and a crystal necklace pearl pink and pink and gray. Comments? Suggestions?

I like the dress is nice and simple. But I'm not really digging the collar, perhaps one that is a bit smaller. Do not go overboard the first day of school, that is, bring all their new clothes, people think you try too hard. But I like the dress you chose!

Candles - affordable, stylish Accents

If you are looking for decorative accents at affordable prices, so you should trying to navigate. Candles come in all shapes, size, color, style and flavor imaginable. You can choose from tapered votive candles, tealights, candle increasingly popular. Some candles can run but you can find cheap candles style according to your theme at affordable prices. If you are not sure how to go about integrating the candles in your room, try the following.

Bring nature

One of the best ways to enhance a room by incorporating natural elements on the screen candles. You can find many items free or at very Cheap. These are just a few ways to put natural elements in your room:

• If you choose to use a nautical theme shells and sand. You can put sand in a bowl or tray, the center of candles and shells scattered around him. In addition to the deposits can also use the starfish, stones and shells. Building networks, under the plate or cloth around the candle if you do not abandon light. Choose feel the sea breeze or something that reminds you of the beach. If you collect shells on the beach itself if it is a great way to enforce them.

• If you have a room decorated in the colors of fall or need a screen for Thanksgiving and then use pine cones and acorns. Plaque Wood gave a fall of the object. Spray varnish with acorns and then the pineapple on the plate. Pineapples and acorns are highly flammable, so use Votive candles or other coated glass. You can also use candles to batteries that last much longer.

• If you want to enlighten your patio garden pot or fill with sand and make pillar or votive candles in the sand. If you want a fun, colorful array of color using sand blue, pink or green. You can raise the sails, putting the pot on a stand. pots dispersion along a garden path creates a nice effect.

Smoke and Mirrors

Mirrors increase the glamorous glass candles and let your light shine.

• For a screen romantic place votive candles in the glasses of wine on a table or shelf. Make sure that the use of odd numbers of glasses of wine, which makes the design looks more sophisticated and natural. Add the rose petals in the glass or the platform for an impressive impact.

• Red and gold are the colors that perfectly gorgeous candlelight. To integrate these rich colors Thurs red glass beads and gold on a tray with candles in the center. The accounts are bright and warm glow of light. In addition, it could also end a series of glass beads in a wire around the center of the candle.

• Place candles on a reflective surface, as a mirror or a polished silver plate, increases the brightness. It makes a great centerpiece on the dining table or coffee table. You must clean the surface mirror or a bowl after each use to maintain the effect.

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