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How I can paint a pink polka dot brown wall?

Decorate the room with my teenage daughter

You should be able to easily obtain a kind of template in a circle that can be used to paint the peas. You can paint the white circle area before using pink, however, may be difficult to get a brown cover with ease.

Recognizing the enormous pink polka dot elephant

When I was young, I had this big pink elephant peas took residence in the center of the room. Despite the fact that this elephant is annoying and affect the eyesight of each other, never talked. She touched everyone in our house, but nobody dared to speak it. Each of us, my brother, my sister, my father and I prepared our lives around pachyderm's annoying. Conversations I do not know why their presence has been an unspoken taboo, but everyone knew it was. Because of the pain which was caused by the houseguests, the members of our house that rarely, if ever, invited anyone to our house, and when we did, we each had our own set of excuses to entertain visitors and explain.

It was a moment had not thought that the elephant, nearly 30 years. The memory of that was brought to me by my interaction with a very brave young man of 13 years. My girlfriend granddaughter Brandey undertaken on the recognition their own peas huge pink elephant is at home. I just your age when I also began to recognize my own elephant. I discovered that many other kids my age have experienced the same thing. Do you think this taboo subject and a major obstacle that was sitting between my all family members was caused by a disease that has had on the family - Alcoholism. My mother was an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is a disease. This is disease affects the whole family. Although it affects everyone, no one speaks, was like a pea huge pink elephant sitting in the middle of the room.

I remember how wonderful it felt so long, listening to other children who revealed their own stories. In your experience, I could see my own life. The shame, fear, hopelessness and despair have been replaced by understanding, action and hope. I finally found a place where there were other big elephant polka that the color pink dots, but they were also willing to talk. This place of enlightenment has been regarded as an Alateen.

Alateen taught me that I was powerless to the elephant, alcohol, and drink to my mother. I could not do sober mom, but I could help. Its use is not my fault. I learned deal with my problems and build a life full of hope.

A teenager who had a father who was alcoholic, has developed the program "Alateen in 1957. The program draws Alateen Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA has been a great success in helping alcoholics get sober. Al-Anon has been developed for spouses or family members of alcoholics y. Alateen developed for adolescents. All these programs have helped many members of the families understand their illness in the family. Since attending Alateen 30 years ago, pre-Alateen has also emerged. The motto of all these branches of AA, "working for you if you work the program. "

I found a meeting place for Brandey Alateen. They both met the Great Britain, a most impressive young man who shared their experiences with Brandey. I know that the two had an immediate connection. How can they both were The owners of large polka dots of pink elephants. Great Britain 13 and the youngest 12 were both "employment" for 8 years.

I marveled at the grandmother of these children to religious meetings. I do not know if anyone can know the effects Long term this can have on children. You see, when you become emotionally healthy, open your life to all possibilities. And, research has shown that children with alcoholic parents are more likely to become alcoholics themselves.

This mental health support and Alateen can save their lives "I think it saved mine. So if you are a parent of a teenager who needs help, please take the initiative assist in research and management of these children to meetings.

If you are unsure if an elephant at home Alateen has compiled a list of questions. It can be found at . It there is a similar list for those who wonder whether Al-Anon is for them.

I assure you that there is hope. My mother has been sober for 30 years. What we fly alcoholism in my early years has made a hundred times. She became a woman who not only admire, but also deep respect

If To speak to someone about your peas huge pink elephant, you will find meetings in your area by searching on their website Located in Al-Anon local / Let me encourage them to continue trying to contact numbers. Do not give up if you do not work to give people another, or move to the next on the list. You can also call after hours. Some people can not answer the phone before and after meetings, just before 7:30 am or after 9:00 pm

If the elephant is a different color or name, there are many different organizations that help people with all sorts of problems as low self-esteem, gambling addiction sex, and many others. All these programs are modeled on AA, and have proven very effective. Doing an Internet search for the recovery of words and their word is like a drug. Again, be persistent in calling and asking for help.

All programs are free and many offer free literature. With a little work will not only be able to recognize its peas enormous pink elephant, but soon will be able to function better, feel more healthy, and seeing their families a little clearer in your life and the whole room.

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