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Last minute details ... need help please. Wedding 22 days away?

Ok, so my wedding is January 30 (Yes 22 days from now) and here are the details, please tell me what you think should change or all should remain the same? Decorator is white with fuchsia curtains wreaths / flowers for decoration. table decorations pastel pink. Centers: pink, dark pink and black / pink stones of pink on the bottom of the vessel: Pink or white? Bedding: White Towels: White high regards: white paper towels: yes or no? Fuchsia? Marcos: the additional cost that does not really want to pay for ... yes or no? if so, what color? Other suggestions? Please, if you Please help!

Go with blankets that have the chassis built in them - the same price as the basic coverage, but a little imagination, and unnecessarily a separate chassis (see "Type A") instead of paper towels, and regular spice up the table with rose petals or confetti. No need for 2 lots of napkins on the table. I'm with a mixture of different shades of pink and white rocks a little - makes it more visually interesting than a solid color. My great idea would be to delegate the entire course of the day yes to a good friend (if you do not have a coordinator) - sit down and give a blow-by-blow account of what should happen and when, so that if something goes wrong, he / she deals with her and not you. Ultimately, it is much more fun and less stress. And stop worrying about the decor - your guests to see the whole room I think it's beautiful and then quickly forget before leaving at night. Do not lose sleep over things like this stage - you've done enough work and planning, and it's time to start enjoying the fruits of their labor.

With France Weddings Red Roses

Red France variety of roses is the true red rose. You will not be able to find these flowers in nature, this flower is carefully cultivated and grown by Philippine rose growers to achieve this unique color, blood red. Compared to other roses, this rose count upper petals and a large head, so it is perfect for a lavish bouquet or a single long stemmed gift for the woman you love.

During since many years, these flowers became the standard for florists worldwide. This flower can be grown almost anywhere in the world. Despite This variety has been cultivated in Europe and North American countries many farms around the world and to cultivate this variety. Agriculture and livestock in the Philippines Vietnam, Ecuador, Colombia, Israel and several countries in Africa and growing this variety for trade.

In addition to a romantic gift for a loved one, these flowers are commonly used at weddings. Consider having a bridal bouquet made of nothing but mature French red flowers. The living shadow of its petals become stronger and more defined in contrast to the whiteness the wedding dress of the bride. This effect is most dramatic in the sun of the afternoon. To carry out the theme of pink for the rest of his entourage, have your bridesmaids and flower girls wear flowing, pale pink dress and carrying a single flower.

You can also use these beautiful flowers to create a crazy atmosphere, the sky with a scent for your wedding reception. Ask your caterer to prepare white table clothes and sprinkle generously Table petals of red velvet. To use this flower as a single core, get a little glass jar deep, fill with water and rose petals and tea lights floating inside.

There are many other things you can do with the petals at a wedding: Put a little in each one wedding invitation, insert the tulle garlands, or slip on a single sheet of each glass of champagne reception. If you are planning your wedding in a garden in the mood for love, with a carpet of red rose petals leading to the reception area.

Even women themselves do not provide a wedding theme love the red rose pink. How not to love them their ability to complement the colors in any site? These flowers just look great mixed with pink roses for a very attractive combination Valentine's Day red and pink. Also can be mixed with white roses to create a strong contrast between the two colors. Ask your florist give you a lot of premium red roses in France and seeing everyone around me happy.

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