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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Pink Scrapbooking products and information here meets your needs.

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The blogs, scrapbooks and olives ...?

Hello everyone! For inspiration for a title for my blog .. I Oliva and album cuts, this is a blog about my digital scrapbooking pages and my daughter Olivia. Now, I was wondering about the titles I could choose, I have a couple of them even now, but has not yet convinced, what do you think? 1. Stunning 2 Oliva. Elimination of oil 3. Oliva pixel 4. Olive 5 in my pixel. My pink olive Let Dime do you think?

I like what I wrote at the beginning, blogs, scrapbooking and oh yeah olives

7 secrets of creative scrapbooking

What scrapbooking creative? I would define it as a creative scrapbooking. I am sure that all the world has little creative talent. Only lack of knowledge about the sources of creativity. We always try and many forms of creativity. Here I share my secrets for my scrapbook creation.

Secret # 1 Source Library

There are many creative craft books and review of the library. Go at your local library to source books for crafts. You will find many books available for your scrapbooking boats Creative creative ideas. Normally sections craft books children are the most ingenious ideas for creative art.

Secret # 2 Join the forum to exchange ideas Scrapbooking

Forum Participate laptop and read articles relating to topics in this forum is another way of scrapbooking source of creative ideas. Much scrapper of Guru is to help and advise you at any time, anyway.

Secret # 3 Check craft store for ideas creative

Some people relieve stress To purchase through the windows, I also love to visit the craft shop During my leisure purchases. It's a great idea because in addition to the release of "stress" to the windows of the purchasing craft shop can also provide some idea of creating your album.

Secret # 4 Brain Storm with friends who are very creative thinker

If have a friend who is a very creative thinker, to exchange ideas with him. I'm sure you can find ideas three times what it is to discuss with them your creative ideas in your notebook.

Secret # 5 Be imaginative and think outside the box.

Yes, imagination and outside the box is another way to create your Creative Memories scrapbooking. Think like a cat Imagine flying with the wind, our life is wanderful with imagination. Get out beaten path, do not restrict your creativity run wild!

Secret # 6 of the creativity of half the advertising in the press or public

Notice to media is always very creative to attract the attention of the crowd. I enjoy reading writes the advertiser, TV Internet or their creative abilities to learn and use some nice words in my scrapbook too.

Secret # 7 is an unrestricted free scrapbooking in his mind.

I used to create an album very creative with my daughter. My 4 year old daughter now, I found that is capable of create something free, unrestricted, blue sky, the pig should be pink, the skin can be purple. It's fun when you create scrapbooking free!

I hope more secrets to boost your creative scrapbooking first!

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