Pixar Cars

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Pixar Cars

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Is there really going to be a / Pixar Cars Disney mini-series on Disney Channel?

I learned Cars 2 in July (I can not wait!) But I just heard about the mini-series cars. I am a fan of CARS! And I need to know is to speak only, or is it? "Thanks

Cars Yes, indeed, Cars Toons, Disney Channel Interstitials based will be released in the fall. Celebs Pixar animator Victor Navone, who animated the car has been in one (or more) of them. Disney Consumer Products page: "Disney Channel premiere of" Cars Toons "animated interludes gives children a close and new knowledge in the world car "link: https: / / licensing.disney.com / Home / Display.jsp? ContentId = dcp_home_ourfranchises_disney_cars_us & forPrint = true & language = en & preview = false & ImageShow = 0 & = TranslationOf U.S. newsroom = Null & & region = 0

Most boys and many girls are interested in cars, at some point in their growth. There is something wonderful about driving a magic many of us have had children, starting eg with toys, Power Wheels, and now with the car you drive to work.

The same is true magic for a great film from Pixar. Children and adults are delighted by your imagination and creativity. So what happens is that they combine the two?

The Power Wheels Fisher Price Lightning McQueen: That's what!

Based on the main character in the Pixar film, Cars. Children fall in love with the character, and what better way to satisfy their desire to take time off to themselves?

Like all Fisher-Price Power Wheels, you have the peace that will continue to work for many years to come. My son always has his 3 years Electrical Ford Mustang! Pretty good investment I think!

The only complaint I have is the loading time: sometimes up to 18 hours! But I think the new models will less time with newer batteries.

In However, there are so many outstanding features your kids will love. Here are the features General directly on Amazon.com ...

  • Lightning McQueen is 6 volts sports car.
  • Phrases real movie voice of Lightning McQueen, cool sound effects and race cars.
  • Racecar travel 2.5 before and 2.5 mph in reverse on grass or hard surfaces.
  • Equipped with a lock-out at high speed for beginners and power lock brakes.
  • Includes a 6 volt battery and charger

So, you have everything you need for hours of fun rechargeable!

Personally I buy on Amazon, I think almost everyone has heard them so you know there is a reputation behind the name! Here's the link:

Lightning McQueen


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