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can someone send me the model of plastic canvas fashion doll dream castle?

There was a book that was printed plastic canvas great pattern for a Barbie "fashion doll" Castillo dream. I'm dying to get their hands on boss because I would do it as a gift for my cousin who is obsessed with these things, but I can not find the book anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone would be good enough to copy and e-mail the boss. I would be more than happy to send models back if you would be willing to help. Thanks ~

Who would be a violation of copyright. Look on eBay and buy what you want.

Transformed an ancient art photos on canvas

If you want a unique fashion statement, the protection of œevil eyeâ € € â, or simply an easy way to express their individuality and impress your friends and family, get a mehndi body art of tattooing. Itâ € ™ is not a permanent tattoo, and only last a few weeks, but you can make a lasting impression by creating a photo canvas portrait bears his tattoo.

Although not technically a tattoo (which requires drilling € ™ s the surface of the skin), body art Mehndi tattoo design drawn by a Medical experts will lead to a single body decoration.

Once the tattoo youâ € ™ re ready to photograph the results Canvas for a photo NVM.

What is Mehndi Body Art?

Mehndi, the art of applying henna, dates back at least 5,000 years. Probably native to Egypt or the Middle East and then spread to India. Mehndi is popular in speaking countries and in Muslim communities worldwide. It is associated with parties and weddings and use models to specific ethnic traditions and customs of the family. Western enchanted by the beauty of complex Mehndi Designs was adopted as a fashion accessory.

A Mehndi Tattoo is a safe and painless procedure with a paste made of henna plant to draw a design directly onto the skin using a cone plastic or a brush or a metal tip bottle jac. Lawson dye in the paste reacts with keratin proteins in human skin resulting in a period of time there € ™ s the surface of the skin. Implementation methods are highly variable, and the resulting color, ranging from very dark to pale gold depends on the type of henna used and the duration of the paste is left in the skin

First a tattoo and then a pose

Plan a digital photo showing their body art Mehndi the best way. Depending youâ € ™ ll be hanging your picture on canvas portrait of your wall or give as a gift, you can choose the best poses to become original photo into a work of art canvas.

Photo styles of fabrics, including oil and watercolor, which would show their tattoos very effective or choose a graphic style close to spectacular.

Photos of fabric are created by real artists with real paint your tattoo will be recreated so cool. Photo canvas are also expensive so make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, studies, or to mark a special occasion € "like a tattoo Mehndi Body Art!

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