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What comes to mind when you hear "So Happy I die" by Lady Gaga?

I'll give a brief description of what comes to mind. Someone on the top floor of a building, large glass window behind her, and the rising sun and put in the background while the colors of the rainbow reflections glass. The woman holds a wine glass filled with yellow liquid apparently fluctuating color, she is wearing a blue dress and red with shaded eyes, as if she cried much or she has not slept for a few days. She is pale, white with black hair, red cheeks and hear on your left foot as the sun rises and falls behind him. That comes to mind.

It reminds me of being stoned out of my mind and connect with a stranger.

I've Got A Case of Blue Barrel Anxeity

I suffer from "anxiety Barrel Blue," and many others around the country. BBA What you ask? Think of it this way. You are cleaning up after a family picnic, the table is covered with paper plates, an empty jar of pickles, a plastic container of mustard and many other things in plastic and paper ... many other things. If you ever wondered, Is it going in the garbage or trash, you've experienced what millions of us, the formidable BBA, "blue barrel anxiety."

BBA has been so much suffering that I do not know what to put in my blue bin ... I even received a letter from my garbage company was on the verge tell me that losing the privileges of blue barrel. Do not get discouraged, I discovered the cure for the BBA. It turns out that for yourself education BBA can be reduced and it is more important to me any more letters.

I set a route to my local recycling center. CAUTION and WARNING: Be prepared to see up close what makes you put things in the trash can happen to you. Perhaps you might consider taking a friend or family to moral support. You need.

How my trip? Well, this was not what I expected. The facility has been touring was an enclosed area where we see the process through glass windows. Do not hear much noise or odors enjoy. The room where we were was equipped with an air freshener which periodically launched a haze in the air to include odors. I wondered what was in the deodorant and why suddenly I felt much love for all recyclers to collect online work, hmmmmm.

What In any ... the thing that most of my attention was the amount of "recycle" items that are not recycled. Many things ... more things we put in our recycling bins are not recycled, disposed of in a landfill. I was a little surprised and a little sore all plastics, cans and were washed and placed carefully in my basket to be treated like crap and I was wondering why?

Guide You should have seen the questions from my eyes ... I heard the new Mister and spray the back of love. The guide explained that recycling, while good for the environment during the last example a company. Articles threw no market value is stored or sent to landfills. Most of what I seen, it is saved plastic containers and cardboard, which means that most of the unwanted materials have become waste. The guide continues: "When something has value or is there a market for recycling an item that is made, including and sold. "I stressed a box full of glass bottles and asked our guide why not recycle? Your answer is that it is cheaper to make new glass recycling. I turned BBA in education and began to decline. I learned that recycling is a money issue, at least here in the U.S. is, and until there is a demand for recycled glass or glass price increases virgin .... it is not trash the earth glass.

It turns out that Recyclers U.S. is very picky about what they want and are willing to spend time, effort and money on items that can be easily and quickly captured in the recycling stream. In other countries, recycling has become a whole new meaning. I recently read about another country where even a shoe Court is withdrawn for metal, leather and rubber. Is it profitable? Probably not, but these countries move closer to a sustainable lifestyle as us. The tour was a revelation and I'm the question of whether there was real value for recycling here in the U.S., or was it just a way to win money, which seems to be the environment?

Organizations that encourage and support recycling in the United States must do more to develop new markets for products now flowing into our landfills. Most of their efforts are devoted to maintaining the status quo of recycling and does not want anyone rocking the trash.

Public awareness and acceptance of environmental programs do increasing recycling and organizations must adopt environmentalism and its potential benefits. The United States should follow the example of countries that have successful recycling programs, programs that extract up to 75% of waste. Recyclers need to move away from the idea that recycling is a profit business and start looking at recycling as support for all our programs on the environment.

The use, reuse, recycling and recovery are all about sustainability, but must become the mantra of all businesses and consumers. Must consider how our products and packaging are designed, operated and where the life of a product is how the resource is recovered. Sustainability is important for our future and is the only way to ensure the health of the planet and that resources are available for future generations.

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