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Jewelry: Is this the silver, silver gilt, or something else? And there is a way to eliminate the "boring"?

I'm buying skirt Grey school second hand one off eBay and charming silver heart hanging from the side of the skirt came to look too "tainted" but I say "marred" because I'm not sure if it is real money in the first place - I doubt it, since his school skirt. More The Color of Money in the original charm has been the heart, leaving an ugly pink metal all the charm. Is it possible that I can polish the charm of the money until their new single with a silver polishing cloth (I do not like and it is probable you buy in a store)? I have the same thing happens to a favorite "silver" my wrist watch (it has sentimental value, but it was only cheap watch) - The color of money behind the shows had disappeared and most of its metallic pink ugly. Can silver to restore the clock again?

I work in a Jewelers, the pink looks like a metal base ... no value. As they say ... the color of money can be real money, there is no immediate solution this purpose. Did rhodium (same family as platinum) Silver for £ 30 + This type of plates used in white gold white to make it last 1 year at least. Enjoy a store, not the skirt, and they will send to you. 😉

Capture the old world charm of Spain in the new kitchen design!

Create a design of Spanish cuisine is possible without losing practical devices and contemporary features. They are hidden behind cabinets, as in any kitchen.

The influence of this type of cuisine based on the hacienda or of Spanish heritage. The colors are vivid and rich materials are natural and earthy and the atmosphere is spectacular, daring and focused on the family.

Antiques and antiquities of interest could decorate the open shelves, giving a real air your style.

Fascinating design

Space is an element Most of this style of cooking. A staging area center of the island used as could also include an oven and a stove or sink copper depth.

Cabinets have large drawers and a nice contrast with the pieces of large, ornate furniture, equipment high that could store large bowls, pots and utensils.

An antique lamp as it weighs on the island gives the atmosphere, task lights and other "modern" can be used to feature a discreet manner. A wrought iron chandelier agree with this view.

handpainted ceramic tiles are very decorative and a field kitchen probably Spanish would be cream, blue, red and green. Colorful Talavera tiles, pottery and dishes are abundant for use in cooking and eating, and as decorative objects.

A wooden stand with chains hanging from the ceiling of the age, would be useful to pause and tin cans Copper pans.This is both typical of the style and storage offers.

Floors should be of natural materials like stone, clay or wood.

A big house One is used for cooking and heat, but you can use for a beautiful setting water level in copper pot of dried flowers or fresh, or herbs.

Paredes, also of natural materials and painted brightly ... rich red, dark blue, dark green, dark amber and warm. tilde pale colors and tones similar in cabinets, shelves or frames. The walls and cabinets and other furniture often have trouble "look. It is easy to create yourself.

Daylight is important and can put in a skylight, if possible, or open windows. Painting a mural also give a feeling of light and space and individuality.

wrought iron lamps, handles, hooks and holders to look authentic kitchen design Spanish.


View a paella pan, olive oil bottles and clumps of grass.

clay pots for making stews and casseroles can be stacked on the toilet. They seem solid, earthy and very decorative.

See copper and tin ready items such as pots, garlic and mortar. jars heavy glass can be useful and beautiful.

Glassware can be displayed on the dresser on shelves or behind glass doors glass cabinet in the wall.

The cells show brightly painted plates and plates are bright and vibrant.

Dried lavender can be hung from the wooden frame above the bank of the island.

Its Design charming Spanish cuisine using friends and family and truly become the heart of your home, with its
deep, earthy colors, the natural materials and solid appearance of a past era.

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