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First Asia in September 7000 meters of pipe assembly line in the steel tube Baoji

Oil    June 24 Baoji Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Coil product line from 13 pm to 21:00 continuous production of 8 hours, successful production of Class I CT80 | 31.8 × 3.18 mm, length 7000 m hoses.

    Staff This album Baoji Steel Pipe technical and engineering employees of the operation is finished coil, to achieve zero product of the country of origin. Flexible pipe, also known as a flexible tube tube a snake or roll length up to several hundred meters to several kilometers, in general, is widely used in drilling, the completion of oil, oil production, repair, and gathering in various operational areas. Flexible tube with its small size, low operating costs, easy installation transfer of deposit protection, to increase oil production and the use of a wide range and many other unique advantages, have been developed rapidly. Technology Coil tube and equipment is a great potential and vitality of the practical techniques, but I had this high technology, value-added commodities in China were imported. Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., pipes China with companies in the industry pipe manufacturing dorsal Senior Development Team oil as its mission.

    In particular, the successful reorganization and restructuring in 2002, firmly grasp the natural gas and second line in Beijing, Shaanxi, in India, "The supply of gas to the west of the project, the pipeline from Central Asia, natural gas and other second line have taken a number of key projects at home and abroad to build a golden opportunity, get, give attention of management, and expand the market, so that the production and operation and economic benefits for 8 consecutive years have a growth rate of over 25%.

    At the beginning of 2005, according to the National "863" program, the group of main requirements planning scientific and technological project, Baoji Steel Pipe Co. has launched assume the tubes and test facilities to study this important proposal. The blocking technology face abroad, there is no way of knowing reality, everything is still groping forward, everything is a challenge in research and development, people in Baoji Steel Pipe Corporation, the equipment manufacturing division of the solid support provide after another hard to imagine hard. In April 2005, the Group's strong support for the development of coiled tubing technology officially approved projects. In January 2006, Baoji Steel Pipe created a continuous tube technology and equipment of the project development team. April 2007, Baoji Company completed the development and testing of the plate. In August, a pipeline company flexible testing machine Fatigue has been successfully developed, a welding machine, coil thermomechanical treatment has been successfully developed for projects R & D tube a big step forward for overseeing the progress of teamwork under the building foundations. At the same time, the device finished space, with independent intellectual property rights, patents have been applied. December 25, 2007, coil production line has been installed along Baoji Steel Pipe. This third in the world, the first delivery of the Asian product line pipe spiral, Baoji Steel so that once again demonstrated the value to go beyond the actual force. February 20, 2009, the Company entered into the production of flexible tubes meeting Mobilization online facility, all combatants are determined as soon as possible, the highest quality, the best level of the production line commissioning, and built a world-class production line flexible tubing.

   Baoji Steel Pipe Co. 7,000 meters of the first series, the success of the flexible pipe assembly line of the [China National Petroleum 14.58 0.69%] of equipment manufactured in China to create a new zone for equipment petroleum products between China and the international culture of great importance for the internal market About the Author

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