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"I can take knitting needles bamboo airport security?

Preparation of air travel. No doubt, good to be able to work on this page I'm knitting for the plane trip. Tejo bamboo (not metal) needles .. Does it matter? Knitting needles are allowed at all? I think if feathers and pencils are allowed knitting needles would be too. BTW are short and circular type. (Two bamboo as a pencil attached by a thin plastic thread) Thanks Thegypsy

In fact, since they are less than 31 inches long, you can take!

Different types of knitting needles available

Knitting is not just a job for which the wire can be converted or cloth is not only for grandmothers or infant, and is now in style and looks really cool. The most important thing you need to start knitting needles knitting is.

Now, the most important of these needles is their size. All kinds of knitting needles are available in different sizes and the sizes are indicated by numbers. Knitting needles also called point-Pins, weaving sticks, son, bars or son, even armor. Because the length and thickness of needle tissue depends on the kind of son and what kind of knitting.

needles modern knitting on the market were invented in the early 19th century, these needles are usually called needles right. These needles have a tapered end and the other end of the needle is hooded with buttons. You can knit flat and square or rectangular patterns. These needles are so popular because of their buttons, these controls prevent it from slipping out of stitches.

There is another type needles, circular needles. The use of these nodes can create circular needles SPT. But when you knit with circular needles, which is woven fabric on one side, which is not the case for straight needles, then it means you have to change habits accordingly. Large benefits of these circular knitting needles are weight is evenly distributed. This is an excellent choice for four sharp needles.

Another type of needle called double point needles. Although they are used to weave tubular fabric, however, the double point needles have sharp extremes of both sides. The needle length depends on the type of fabric you want to knit, if you want small knitted socks, for example, and smaller needles. But if you want knitwear and shawls, and then you will need long needles.

The needles may be of different types of materials. Metals can be or wood. old needles are also made of ivory, walrus ivory or tortoise shell. knitting needles today can be made of different materials such as aluminum, steel, bamboo, wood, glass, plastic or casein. Circular needles are also made metal circular tube and the target assembly, it is usually PVC or plastic.

To keep the needle for many years is very important to store them properly. Usually, needles are stored in a container tall and cylindrical with padding on the bottom, keeping the needle. Usually, this container is made of plastic or fabrics that have compartments with which you hold hands together, but separated. It is very important to keep suspended on circular needles to maximize space. It is very important to have control over the tubes, because they can easily erased. To relax these needles in circular plastic or nylon to keep them submerged in hot water for some time and are ready to knit.

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