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Ayúdame a encontrar una colcha? 10 puntos a quien puede encontrar uno?

Ya. Así que me siento particularmente en busca de una cama juego completo: sábanas, edredones, fundas de almohada, y yo quiero que sea de color rosa, verde, blanco, y si tiene una impresión de él, debe ser círculos o los guisantes. Si usted puede encontrar que, como una cama en una bolsa, me dejo un enlace. Si todas las partes están separadas me deja un montón de enlaces. MUCHAS GRACIAS: D bye: D!

este amor: http://www.kookoobearkids.com/Cabana-Bedding-Polka-Dot-Sheet-Set/productinfo/11070183/ este es de color rosa y naranja ... no verde. linda si http://www.wrapables.com/jsp/ProductConfig.jsp?ProductCode=B58294&cate3=020301 que se enfríe y http://www.bellacor.com/productdetail/319358.htm: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Echo-Circle-Game-Duvet-Cover-Set/3323230/ product.html? cid = 128277 y fp = F & & cpncode cii_9324560 srccode = = 24-1286708-2 www.target.com/Contemporary-Home-Bed-Bag-Pink/dp/B000KHTHVG/qid=1224313804/ref=br_1_6/601-0278359-4283367?ie=UTF8&node=124122011&frombrowse=1&rh=&page http:// =: meñique 1 Revisado para agregar: Esto es demasiado bueno! (Mi favorito) http://www.amazon.com/Style-Dots-Stripes-BIAB/dp/B000TADSBE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=bedbath&qid=1224480283&sr=1-3

If you are considering buying a polka dot tie as a gift for you or for someone you know, but you are indecisive as to which tie you should choose, these are some tips that can help you make an easier decision. Polka dot ties come in all sorts of circle sizes. The one you choose will likely depend on the age and preference of the man or woman you are shopping for.

The color of the polka dots is a very important factor. Each person has a favorite color tie which when worn will be very representative of the individual. With several hundreds of dotted combinations, it is a good idea to choose a color that can be worn for any occasion. One way to decipher this is by figuring out what plain colored clothing you or the individual you are buying the tie for wear most with their current ties.

The size of the polka dots is another thing that needs to be considered. It's unlikely you would place very large dotted tie on a younger person and vice versa. Larger polka dots tend to look better on someone older and someone of a larger body size.

Another essential thing you will need to look at is the material of the tie. Ties come available in materials like silk, cotton, polyester, jeans, and even nylon. Silk ties are great for formal occasions such as weddings. Cotton ties tend to be one of the most popular with one tiny drawback - ironing.

The last thing to consider when purchasing is the length of the tie. Should you go for short or long? Should you choose a wide tie or a skinny one? Well it all depends on the height of the individual and the body size of the individual. Slim ties tend to be popular with men all together.

Once you have chosen which polka dot tie is just right for you or your special wearer, be sure to get a gift receipt just in case. This way, if they are too embarrassed to say that it does not suit them, they can exchange it for one they like instead of letting it sit in their closet unworn.

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