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hiiiiiii =] I need ideas in a poor state that tells you what I am and I need your help pls also include a list of things I have to buy my collection: brown and white plaid shorts brown-pink T shirt, white shirt with navy friction written in Abercrombie This blue tank stripes overlay layers gray, black tank top shirt roxy light yellow skirt ripped skinny jeans skinny jeans dark denim wash short half white [the dresy type of Nice, not cotton light] blue pants type [new white sweater dresses] with an anchor, boats on this green with blue dots polka dot layers U.S. tank green metal tank Eagle [money] shirt / gold thong sandals black / white polka dot flip flops yellow dot polka red checkered floor apartments [converse orange brown, green, white black yellow white straps] silver tank thong sandals

Set Ideas: 1. black sleeveless shirt under a blue striped tank skinny black jeans dark layers 2 straps. Plain White T-shirt, brown shorts, pink and white checkered white thongs 3. Green Shirt American Eagle denim skirt torn converse tables 4. blue pea jackets tank light blue trousers and black white polka dot flip flops list of things that you should get: 1. a beautiful strapless red top tube so you can match the color planes of red! (Like this: http://www.abercrombie.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10051_10901_348315_-1_12270_12203 ) 2. pink / brown polo 3. Jean short shorts / 4. Navy pants and shirts felt that match those of the Navy (http://www.abercrombie.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10051_10901_347382_-1_12272_12203) 5. leather belts themselves do not really need since you have slippers and so many! 6. leather belt

Planning a wedding in the spring - 28 ways to tie the season

The tulips are blooming, temperatures are rising - What a perfect time for a wedding! Start planning your spring themed wedding now with these inspiring ideas for weddings this spring ...

Wedding Theme - Factors to consider

DST - In 2008, Eastern Daylight Time 'begins Sunday, March 9, after which the sun sets one hour later. Keep in mind that date if we imagines an evening ceremony outdoors.

Dance Factor - in May and June are the months of the first ball, so make sure Quick book transportation and places.

variable weather
- spring weather can be unpredictable. An unusually warm and sunny Friday can give rise to a miserably cold and rainy Saturday. Be prepared for extremes.

All the details - Wedding Ideas Spring

Invitations & Stationery

* Add ground spring - Like a tulip or a butterfly - to your office suite
* Think about color - the use of paper or ink in a palette of spring colors - Pastels, greens, etc.
* Get capricious - find a fun, loving source to evoke a feeling of Spring Festival
* An extra touch - Make a dash silk flower in each envelope


* Parameters Garden abound - enjoy the budding leaf flowers and botanical gardens, houses with lush gardens, or any other place with a garden or patio virgin.
* Take the inside - where a natural setting is not possible - find a location inside with panoramic windows offering a light atmosphere and bright and airy.

D├ęcor Elements

* Color Palette - 1) green and white - an elegant accompaniment to a garden. 2) the yellow and green, another new "partner. 3) preppy - combine with the green handle hot pink (think polka dots and gingham). 4 chocolate brown) - what works well for the color of spring fashion - for a pale blue or pink.
* Enjoy the nature and patterns - to create an entertaining effect - think gingham, dots, lace, Carnations, Swiss points and dashes.
* Add a little green - herbs and other plants may be a natural framework for the outdoor garden. Place roundabouts and integrate in agreements


* Seasonal Flowers - Classic include tulips, daffodils, lilies (especially lilies and lily Easter), magnolias, gardenias, hydrangeas, gerbera, apple or cherry blossoms. See the complete list of wedding flowers in spring
* Creative Containers - your system so simple, container house such as wicker baskets, sprinklers, kettles or urns.
* Potted Plants - Arrangements in pots to create a natural and organic. Best of all, you can plant an eternal reminder of your wedding


* In season - to serve as a main dish with ham or lamb
* Fresh - with an abundance of food young fruits and vegetables such as carrots, asparagus and baby new potatoes
* Elegant Faces - Service miniature quiches or update traditional deviled eggs adding flesh of salmon or crab
* Bookmarks bar - a menu of spring seems to call for champagne. Mix up a batch of mimosas in the morning for a wedding, or create a champagne cocktail party.

Wedding Cake

* Preparation of coconut - coconut frosting and filled with an excellent salary Spring
* Crazy for carrots - Carrot cake with cheese frosting cream is another favorite of spring.
* Lightweight and soft - go with angel food cake and fresh strawberries or strawberry cream
* Whimsical Ornaments - Decorate with bright, whimsical details like the points of the band models Swiss or swirling.


* Relax - Feel free to relax the dress code a bit, especially if the wedding will take place outside
* Color - light fabrics like a cotton lace, or create a Spring Playa La Llorona
Wedding * Dress - Add a little color with a belt or embroidery detail
* Bridesmaids dresses - Cakes are a spring classic. Keeping cool choosing a color and allowing each of his daughters to select a different tone. Or go another direction with a turquoise bolder, fuchsia or mango.
* Avoid satin shoes - they do well under spring showers
* Boys - They look so seasonally appropriate clothing, colored shirts and ties. To a question of the evening, a tuxedo still based.


Love * Keep flowering - with packets of flower seeds
* Plant which - miniature potted plants and plants


* Carriage - the Cinderella Escape to a dignified end to a wedding in the spring ethereal

Get more ideas for target = "_blank" title = marriage "Spring"> spring weddings in this comprehensive guide to title = "theme wedding" theme of> Marriage.

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