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Sewing stretch?

I have trouble sewing with stretch fabric. I can use Materail jersey knit shirt and polyester. I a 401A model Singer sewing machine, probably 1957. Works great. However, this is my frist time trying to sew the fabric that is extensible and it seems simply not work. Sewing somehow ends up losing, and finally trapped in the machine. Are there any special configuration needed by the receiving team or something? The brochure is well today, so I really can not find any help there.

there is a level of power that I use. It seems a little roller with handles on it. He drops teeth and a foot drag on Roulette and feeds both the top and bottom at the same speed. You can also check your bobbin thread is well proportioned by the owner to have the tension of the coil is correct. It should be in the bobbin so that when you pull the thread (after going through the stress of power) coil rotates clockwise. It is a common mistake. One last thing, make sure to push more pressure on your foot is not too tight or too loose. I hope this help. If not, you may be able to go to the manufacturer's website and find answer to your question.

Essentials for strength reinforced seams

Seam is the joint between the two parts of a garment. For a perfect fit and appearance of sewing clothes and appearance is difficult to be sufficient. Many factors such as sewing necessary, tissue needle size and type, and used its weight, points made in the garment at the seams and thread tension affects the strength of the seam.

resistance testing joints is essentially a revision of the amount of pressure needed to remove or break the seam of the garment. Measurement of seam strength is a part of the procedure of quality control is essential for clothing. The tissues are proof that the machine that checks the point where failure occurs sewing. There are many problems associated with joint strength if a failure occurs during the filming of the seam, for example, sewing and knitting has been divided into the same point of time and sometimes the seam is safe, but tears of material: -
Several criteria related to the implementation the correct application of the seam

Stitch and construction

The best option available to secure the points stitch as strong private at this time there is an interdependence between the son who increases the resistance of the seam. There are several types of sewing construction, the list is as follows: -

a) decorative sewing, as its name suggests, this vein is made for the decoration of clothing. This is done by one or more layers of fabric across many lines of stitches sewn on them.

b) Super imposed on the superposition of the seam stitching is the simplest and widely used type of sewing construction. The edge of an object is stored in another piece of fabric, sewn.

c) If any sewing materials outside other than the fabric like lace, patches, etc. applied, are inserted into the seam or hem of the garment, is known as the seam applied.

d) This limit seam stitching is also used for decorative purposes. Here the edges are connected by a band or self-binding.

e) Construction a layer of boards of this vein is constructed from a single layer or piece of fabric. Typically used in the manufacture of belts and belt buckles.

f) Edge Neatening Here the edges of the fabric is cut and folded over a hem stitches.

g) The seam is the strongest kind normally used for sewing denim. Here, the seam is made in tissues superimposed.
sewing needle

There are many factors associated with the sewing needle that are important from the point of view for a better resistance to wheel and appearance. The diameter of the needle, the tip shape and size of the hole in the eye of the needle touches the construction of the seam of the garment. The size of the hole in the eye The needle should be in accordance with the thickness of the wire. If the pinhole is smaller and does not move effortlessly thread then there is the possibility of thread when using the garment. And if the hole is bigger needle and thread is finer than the required level, bad point could be due to low quality training and control loop of wire. Thus, the proportion of the right size and type of needle and thread is required. tissue damage also to avoid overheating caused by sewing needles special needles have been developed as the needle coating of titanium nitride.

fabric type and weight

seam strength and performance also depends on the different characteristics of the fabrics. The material fabric, the type of fabric weave, yarn, positioning models, type of thread sewing and address.

Thread type, construction, the size and finish

The son used type, construction, size and effects of complete resistance seam of the garment. There are several types to son like cotton yarn, silk thread son of polyester, etc. This is something known as the son of polyester is durable than cotton thread. However, the type of wire used depends on which tissues are used, for example .- per thread silk fabrics silk is used.

There are different types of multifilament construction and son, son of Basic and texture son of filament continuous basis to provide a better seam strength compared with the construction of other threads. different sizes of wire are available on the market, but the son ends, more preferably as long term for son may wind around the machine lockstitch acquire not much space in the seam. This keeps the seam lines.

Elastic sewing son should match the elasticity the fabric used. Also the length of the wire must have a level of elasticity of equality by ensuring appropriate reel your points. If incorrect then it could result in tearing of tissue or rupture of son's clothing. son of different fabrics require different elasticity, for example son used hosiery, synthetic fabrics are different.
Cosa thread tension or balance

The tension of the sewing machine must be tightened to get a good point. If the thread tension during sewing in bulk, result in a reduction of the stitching, and the voltage son is high, it could lead to wrinkles. It is advisable to establish an average level of thread tension in sewing machines. Also parts of the machine at Sewing must be well oiled and smooth enough to ensure less waste yarn, sewing smooth and without defects or damage to the wire used.

Therefore, the factors mentioned above is crucial if they are considered during the manufacture of sewing clothes, probably resulting in the production of clothing dress impeccably and better presentation of fashion and durability. To export houses these points should be addressed. The trick is to use pattern matching needle type and the finish line of the size, type, size, type of stitching and the adjustment of wire tension properly depending on tissue type and weight also the method of stitching is used.

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