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I recently became interested in crafts with polymer clay. I was wondering if anyone knew?

If I could learn how to do (Millefiori) Clay canes. In particular, "Fruit" sticks like these. These canes are cut and used for "Nail Art". Here is a picture of a stick of Example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/watusirv/2815930858/ http://www.flickr.com/photos / C_a_therien/2817206733 / Here is a picture of how they are used for nail art: Any info would be greatly appreciated http://www.flickr.com/photos/aya1gou/3203324588/! Thanks for your time! TheYoungMother

Here, lessons, tips, links to examples, etc to make fruit sticks (polymer clay) on this page to my clay polymer "free" http://glassattic.com/polymer/miniatures.htm ... This page also 3D miniature foods, including fruits, but put the fruit "sticks" here too ... click on the fruit, under the heading "food", but an opinion that bacilli found in 3 dimensions These pages contain much more information / lessons / etc, but to do all kinds of polymer clay canes, and basic tools how to do things like reeds smaller ("reduce"), slice them evenly, etc: http://glassattic.com/polymer/canes--instructions.htm ... If you want to make fruit canes others * * You can use the same kind of kaleidoscopic symmetry techniques as used for most of the citrus / rods etc. (click on the triangle, the kaleidoscope category about half of the list on this page) ... or you can do outside bars with images of fruit * / Food / anything by visiting the "PICTURE" reeds (in the bottom of the list), but many who are not as easy for beginners. http://glassattic.com/polymer/canes--reducing. htm, and perhaps http://glassattic.com/polymer/faces_caned.htm: Re http://glassattic.com/polymer/canes-whatarethey.htm using a cane polymer nails without But keep in mind that polymer clay is based on oil is not water based, so you can eat in some other types of plastic over time (if the clay is raw, or if it was not completely healed-thoughly). So anything * directly affect polymer clay (such as nails, nail, or a clear finish) should not be scolvent oil base (ie, clean with paint thinner) or certain types of rigid plastic. The clear nail polish to the nail is access well as other things like water-based polyurethanes, acrylic media, etc. in plastic false nails themselves for what could be good for first painting with a special glaze to seal the clay to know exactly what type of plastic they are. Also, if you want to put the cane slices on nails after that are already cured, you can cook in a slight curve to have a slight curve and a better fit (slightly curved sheet of paper or cardboard, or even a glass jar, etc ... removed after cooling). Here are some other pages on my site you might want to check to those of the particular, in clay ... polymer finish transparent (agree, and not so good) http://glassattic.com/polymer/finishes.htm ........ not be completely "covering" anything with clay but the principles remain valid for different materials in contact with the polymer clay http://glassattic.com/polymer/covering.htm http://glassattic.com/polymer/storage.htm HTH, Diane B.

You must be fashionable? Silver Jewelry is the answer

Thereâ € ™ sa news fashion that has circulated in the city as a wildfire, itâ € ™ s silver jewelry called Thea.

land is the land of the polymer mode where you can make almost any what. One of the things you can do with money is the ring jewelry. Dirt polymer can be used to make a nice slice of necklaces. Money is so painless that you can even use your own boat. It could also be used for all types of art objects reconstructed as wooden boxes, frames, mirrors, beads, pendants, brooches, jewelry, bracelets, stem pieces, rings, buttons, desk accessories, and even small sculptures. was mainly a habit never ends, that is why many people are so fascinated by it. It is a model of academic performance is not toxic, man and can function as a land of sandstone. Itâ € ™ s for children and adults use.
However, what may surprise you that the dirt is a polymer? Â money are water-based or even a kind of clay usually used by potters, is still an oil-based Insurance and liquid polymer. It doesnâ € ™ t dry or melt, even when exposed to a part provided the fire and thatâ € ™ s what makes it so popular. It is very different from clay (clay is commonly used by children and leaders) and clays that were used for sculpture. The clays are air-dried water-based and can be clearly dry.

You can flu money or food technology art. Most of the names of the common seal polymers Primo, Fimo (Classic and Soft), Sculpey and Kato. They come in many types and shows how Sharpa € ™ s and pearls that has the properties of reflection you can use the elite property, translucent clay which is regularly used for sand, wood and ivory-colored flesh that can be used for dolls and figurines, and the elastic clays can be used for molding.

A Silver can be used in almost any what. You can use it to carve facts, faces, flowers, and any other effect that can be molded. Can also be used to hide different things with leaves and decorated with clay decoration and can even be used in the manufacture rods. It could also be used to impress in leaves of rubber stamps or grain and other substances in your home. Some artists who are used as accessories to their jewelers. They even their own Web site with a comprehensive education and advice on how to install. The trial for what they like to use the money is in the form of PVC (a polymer of vinyl acetate) plastic and a plasticizer some guy who holds the flexible clay. This type of soil has also This is generally recommended to use especially for those coming from your jewelry at home. Different types of gear used cutting for jewelry and polymer clay. Most artisans use pasta machine to roll the dough reel and even the thickness of your choice. Subsequently, the clay is formed in the jeweler is proposed to use. Now you can put their designs chosen a brand of charm. By giving time, all kinds of silver jewelry clay can be used polymer. jewelery Silver designers are so fascinated with it that even be inclined to use on almost anything, even the poles. In fact, the money is clean to use and can even be placed on almost anything and everything.


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