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serious question? How Poppies "high" on a scale of 1 to 10 ¿...?

if they get almost all the seed pod of the opium poppy (Large sheath) in a few capsules and slaughtered! I think it would take a lot of pods! A very dangerous I think, but my boyfriend thinks its fine? ideas Highness? Is it safe to seed? simply took a pod in my garden pod is the size of the billiard ball .. if it helps!

little bit dangerous if you try it, could be allowed. I think you have seeds that are not some real trash Walmart

Ask Dorothy About your stay in the poppy fields

Although dramatized that spending time in a poppy field can have an intense effect someone opioids, The Wizard of Oz presents a satirical view of one of the many uses of the poppy plant. Perhaps the most famous attribute Opium poppy is used to produce the drug opium is a drug that can induce sleep, decrease pain, and cause changes in mood or behavior. It has grown from immature seeds of poppy. To harvest the drug, the skin of pods underdeveloped is marked with a sharp knife, and a substance milky ooze from the sheath. This substance is dry, then scrape the form of a brown resin. The opium is indirectly heated (no light on the fire, as is a common mistake), and the vapors are inhaled, if any.

However, despite their use of analgesics, plant opium itself is a family of beautiful flowers, a mother load, which occur in many colors including red, orange, blue, yellow and pink. These flowers grow and enjoy nature, and many gardens.

The flowers are often placed in tombs as a symbol of the eternal sleeping, probably due to the inert nature of their use as medicine. They represent in order to comfort relatives of those killed, too. In the United Kingdom and Canada, red poppies are used to commemorate the soldiers who died in wars.

Many present a common question on the nature of this plant: The consumption of seeds of the plant (ie on muffins or breads) causes a positive for opiates on a test? Response is so surprising. A recent episode of Myth Busters this question to the test. Two participants discussed the food consumed poppy seeds and carried to a drug test within three hours of consumption. Both positive test, and continued so until 18 hours after eating poppy seeds. But These tests were made in the cut-off for the previous test Nida, which was amended in 1998 simply because of false positives consumption of poppy seeds. However, many recent studies have shown that after a curry in poppy seed meal, can not even new test.

It is unclear why the poppies have been many discussions over time. Its natural beauty, with culinary and medicinal purposes, delivers much of human culture through time.

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