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Why do people think I'm English and elegant?

Since I have little people have always assumed that was very posh mostly my pronunciation of words like down, cow, etc. People do not just decide to shower also im think im snobby English makes me laugh your prints to have someone EastEnders seems to contradict his theory snob. I live in Northern Ireland, I have come to the conclusion that "w" I never heard a word. All forms the point is that I have an English father, my mother was born in Africa with my father Belfast, but have only a neutral accent, which is not as strong as me or my brothers. Why talk about what people described as a snob approach / English? Could it be the influence of television?

Accents of Ireland North are strong and powerful and very easy to identify and always TV and radio - even here in London, dear old. Because his own accent is perhaps less pronounced than in the case of others in their community, making it easy for people to notice your lack of attention to local and even think you have an accent to a remote location. I'll leave into a little secret - the luxury that seems better your life and I do not do that. There are many people across the UK have learned that helps when it comes to getting all the important works that have a good accent is a key to the door. G'luck. . . Two English accents - a North another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXJ-oAq2XZg Cockney


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