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Postbound scrapbook problems ... please help!?

This may sound silly, but I never before scrapping. My friend took my notebook post held away from what I can add and move pages. However, taken at the same time off and now I'm having trouble getting back together. Any help would be appreciated!

There is some variation on the album, but the description below will work for most of what I saw there. First make sure that you have all the pieces: 2 blankets, their pages and cardboard spacers, a band room that corresponds to the coverage and covers the edge of the pages not shown when the book is read from the outer edge (optional - will have holes on both sides) and 2-3 positions. The position of the screws off, so the Chances are, if it is a 3-pointer album has at least 6 units: 3 men, with a short screw, 3 women with a long message male screw hole in it. If your album extensions used after (post screw, but a man and a female end), then sure the cables are connected to the female ends before starting, so start with the longest of the first parts. Start with a front cover down, the messages of women and integrating over the holes (the screw head should be in the top of the album cover). Put your band play at the poles, upside down. Place a cardboard spacer on posts, then its pages, and then another board insert. Put on the other side of the band, followed by the album cover seconds. Screw taps at the ends of the posts women (you may have to take the woman ends at the stop while the man is connected ends so that the screw posts actually), hide the screw head with the fold of the album cover and you're done. I found this line chart, which should help you see how this happens: = 26 = true & isUpdatedProd A cardboard spacers in the notes - which are not mandatory, but very useful if you are thick, dimensional scrapbook pages. By depositing his last album, so, to use in front of his thick pages so the book ends with more care. Most albums come with a couple but I am in accordance with strips of agglomerated acid and awl.


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