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What professional artists use canvas? For works hang in galleries, etc?

I speak of the late paintings up here. As weigh in the Tate Modern or MOMA, or available for sale in the gallery above. I think the only real difference in the paint business, executives wood, stretched canvas are better quality and finish. The painting seems to be the same. Are there works in the galleries where the artist simply painted on a canvas pre-stretched reasonable quality, so he started buying in your local art shop. Can I use these paintings led and initiated previously purchased on the street so to speak, because they have the gallery a professional edge of the painting that you want to sell? I would appreciate your informed responses, or that an artist could help me. Thanks in advance ...

You got it, the painting itself is only more or less the same, the only difference is the stretcher. When you make your own litter you find a more robust product and the a Custom format. With a pre-stretched canvas is perfectly acceptable, but for the right of the area you may want to apply more than plaster. pre-primed canvas is not always right surface for the work to be done, but if its correct size, then the surface is fairly easy to fix with one hand and sandpaper (sanding of the surface is a technique common to obtain a smooth surface) A difference you will find antique paintings, mostly portraits. They are actually painted on canvas and cotton canvas. Linen has a finer surface finish and allows for finer details. Also often more expensive than cotton, which means that old paintings done not on a linen and cotton. If you need help making a stretcher (Enough with simple hand tools), please send me an email. Otherwise, you should be fine with a cloth pre-made. Just do yourself a favor and do not use canvas panel, which deforms over time and is more suitable for practical work.


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