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looking for cards cross stitch?

someone precious moments have no friends tatty or cartoon character or Disney cards cross stitch to share? I am looking for free download on the web. Or if someone has the letters in cross stitch, you can send it to me? Thanks

Here a site with a lot of maps of Pooh. It's a Russian site, but do not be discouraged:

As Above So Below: donations to the Crossroads

Call the light that is you. That life is heaven on earth!
My friend died Sunday afternoon Dorothy, after a long illness and difficult. When the call came, I heard the news with relief. He finally been released from a body that had been presented to major challenges for most of its 62 years. Although sad that our many years wild adventures is really, I felt a lightness in my heart knowing that their new freedom.

Before going to bed that night, I went into meditation to wish him good luck for your trip. Even if she had what I now recognize was a â € € œfarewellâ conversation a month ago one after another for the gifts he had received from them and the great respect and love each of us had to the other, I wanted a last farewell.

As installed in meditation, Dorothy looked pretty quickly, standing in an open space. Not much than it € light "that incredibly bright, nondescript gold-purple-white Light of the Spirit. He watched the light and then me again and again and continues: â € OEIS really for me? Am I really going? â € I kept assuring him that the light was good for her and that should work. And then, slowly, he turned and walked toward the Light.

I state at the junction with others before, but I've never lived like I did with Dorothy. Walking in the light, I lay beside her as if she had taken my hand to go with Hera € "which do not intersect with her the other side, but to accompany him to the threshold. When you reach the light, as if there were two rooms: one representing the physical world, and a fourth who has represented the spiritual € D world "which held the light. I stayed at the door of the light as Dorothy crossed the threshold and dissolved in the golden glow purple-white. I had never felt so close to the light. To say it was the most beautiful, stunning experience Iâ € ™ ve never known doesnâ € ™ t even begin to describe this moment. My heart chakra felt as if he were About explode. What incredible light of the Universe / God / Spirit fills my heart and I was filled with light as never before.

I Donâ € ™ t dream all night. I bathed in the glow of light and vision of Dorothy dissolved. I continued to play now and again in my mind. And through the night, I relived 30 years of friendship with Dorothy, all of our wonderful adventures, and recalled that other had met who had crossed the mind over the years. It was truly a night of partying. It was sadness. While standing at the door and see Dorothy dissolve in the light, I thought, a € œHow can we be sad for a person whose life affects physical to an end? Watch where they go to Goa € "Vista de la Luz! Â € Yes, in the days since, Dorothy Iâ € ™ ve thought a lot about and I feel a sweet sadness that our conversations are face to face and our adventures are just memories, but it embarked on the greatest adventure of all! It became the Light!

The next morning, meditation € ™ s brought more presents. Reflection on the beautiful dream € ™ s celebration and Dorothy € ™ s life, the Spirit reminded me of the universal law of correspondence: â € EOA Above, So Below, as shown below, is € above.â Spirit said, â € œYou know that the light in which Dorothy is also dissolved in you and in every person, every living being. You simply open to it. You donâ € ™ t frequency of access. Youâ € ™ ve tour in which the concerns and dramas and objectives and create new outside youâ € ™ is supposed to be. Band all this. Back to the Light. You donâ € ™ t call in the light of God or Spirit. You donâ € ™ t have to intervene. already in you. All you have to do is call paradise on earth! Â €

Iâ € ™ I known intellectually for a long time but had never experienced a deep and tangible. Never had I felt like I was on the to explode the light! Some of the great spiritual teachers speak of €€ A or œdying moments in life œdying €. I understand that the concept of a whole new level now. When we are able to die in the light in us, we remove everything that is not our pure Being. We live our Being more authentic and pure gifts to our absolute love the world.

I already wrote about â € € œclean slate. In the process of opening to the light within, I realize that this is the last â € œclean slate! â € It doesnâ € ™ t get a cleaner than that! It is very easy to make in life € ™ s activities and lose touch with our true purpose liena € "to live the Light. When we live each moment dissolves into light, everyday life becomes more authentic and powerful truth and what possible by God himself.

Thank you, Dorothy, for inviting me to walk with you to the intersection and lightness. You gave many gifts in our years together, but most precious to me is that I now understand this concept in my cell! Now I experience physics through which relate and understand a € € œliving to light. Itâ € ™ s just an intellectual concept or a new era brilliant idea does not seem very connected to reality. My cells vibrate at a new frequency.

I invite each of you to die in his â € "their light God / Spirit-self. Ask Spirit to accompany in the light that Dorothy made for MEA € "walk to the gate of the crossing. You donâ € ™ t wait for someone you are cruising. You can go now with the Spirit. Bask in the glow of that ineffable light until you recognize as the Light that is also deep inside youâ € "it's you! Your life will be changed forever. You will recognize your spiritual heritage is pure light. You'll find that you come from a long line of light. The torch. Reaching its magnificence. Light Live!

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