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I need help with a project at school egg?

I am very frustrated. we have to make a vehicle to take an egg, then we will move the vehicle to ensure that eggs do not crack. The deposit must be made in full by you, you can not use a container prepared in advance as a box or NOTHING! can not be greater than 40 cm by 40 cm by 40 cm. He can not have a parachute. That I can only use straw, rubber bands, thread, glue, tape, wood, staples, paper clips, no more than 8 1 / 2 by 11 "piece paper. This sucks, I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help me? not be more 40 grams

I have an idea. Maybe you can build upon the description of my word. I would create a framework for the straw, a bucket can be. One area would be better, but I do not see a way to structure what you have. I use no more straws glued a vial. The each leg should be as strong as possible. It is desirable cube will not wrinkle when it hits the ground. Then, using the rubber bands, do a "network of Internet", which completely surrounds the egg, with a company, but not too much only a slight stretch. If you pull on the web should be stretched to the extent that the side of the cube. In essence, the rubber bands ends up losing the egg lying Like the shell approaches the coast, but stops just before contact. Hitting the medial side of the shell is broken by the collision. It will take some adjustment. The left section bands that act like a spring. Now use string to connect to the web in corners if the egg is centered in the bucket. Use as connection points to more points on the web joins the forces on the distribution structure. Now guide the egg to the tip is aligned on one side, which will become the "bottom." Construction a queue as shown in the movie bombs. Use straws to make a frame and use the paper to "fill" the fins. The idea is to set the line at the bottom so that when the cage is going to fall down and the tail is guided by what will come to the bottom first, when the tip of the egg. It reminds me that the way in which the egg is built support the weight of more than the end point all year. Think St. Louis Arch, which is a parabola. The weight of a parabolic arch support over a hemispherical arc. In this case, the tip is required to support the force applied by the bands that the egg is slowing. It has something to do with how the cells that form the hull. I just to account for having wood in the list. How? If something like a popsicle stick, then these would be better than the straw in the cage. I hope that at least gives you something think about and maybe get a better support system. The key is finding a way to the ground pointed end down. Use paper as an airplane wing to secure the structure, has been consistently below the tip down. Figure a way to use the section of the web work like a spring to stop the egg gently. When the group expands, apply the brakes gently. It's the sudden stop of egg breakage. Support eggs by as many points as possible. Want to distribute the forces of most of the egg surface as possible. Think of a bed of nails here. The person setting is supported by many small dots, so the dissemination of the work in an area as large as possible and therefore, never hurts. He is the only nail that does the damage, not thousands. I thought if something more, a deformation zone. Have you seen the barrels on the exit ramp to the motorway and the bridge supports? It is a triangular plastic barrels filled with water. If a car hits it, a ridge and then 2 then 3 then 4 barrels (or more) before hitting the hard structure that lies beyond. barrels of water absorb a lot of energy in the body car if the car barrels hist. The key is to have a tight lid, but not too tight. In your case, sequins, large amounts of water and stacks closed and sealed like a pyramid at the bottom to give a point. The flakes are oriented parallel to the bottom plane hit the ground so that the straw is pinched, causing pop out the tape on the ends. For every drop of water flattens, the energy is absorbed and the cage has slowed down a bit. The hard part here is to seal the water in the straw, but it does not fire when the tape straw collapses. It is useless if the water does not. The water would be like using a pen instead of water filled with straw. OK, if it was a long essay rather than a simple recipe. My idea here is to make you think of me to make some suggestions on ways of slowing a controlled manner. Is it against the rules to apply a layer of the eggshell? Use thin strips and make a grid to cover the entire outer surface. In Instead of using rubber bands to make the web directory, use the tape loop through a bands.Make "in form, which corresponds to the curvature of the eggs of this Thus, the working groups of the band and the band extends the force over a large area enclosed egg. Again, cover the eggs completely and use of many points. OK, so I hope this gives you a starting point. As the rigid box, many elastic materials to bind the 8 corners of the rubber belt and web belt with a zone of deformation of the eggs laid pyramid pointed end down, the tail fins substantive success.


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