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i'm 14, and i love scrapbooking. do you find this weird?

i have no clue,
it's just really fun
it's like a creative outlet for me.
idk and i hope that my future career will be somewhere in designing.
but the thing i don't get
is why do they have premade layouts?
because then that is just taking away part of the whole fun process!
well that's my opnion.
so yea, my aunt introduced me to scrapbooking when i was 13. (:
and no, i'm not in any sports, or anything like that
i just do scrapbooks of my friends, and family vacations and such.
oh and i love the cricket.
it is awesomely fun.

I saw that Cricket on Tv. It looks like fun. Scrapbooking is a good creative outlet, so why worry about it? This could lead to something bigger and better. I saw a woman here in town who is advertising to make custom scrapbooks for people. She charges a lot of money and is ALWAYS busy. Lots of people are demanding scrapbooks after the have a baby or get married. She also has a digital camera and will come to your home and take pics for you, or use the ones she is provided. She charges her customers $50-$150 per scrapbook, depending on the size and style. There is also a scrap books store here in town called Grandma's. They sell thousands of stickers and decals, books, pages and all of the accessories needed. They also have classes there. I saw that they had 20 women there when I stopped by...which really sparked my curiousity about how popular this hobby is becoming. Have fun, Good Luck.

Premade Disney Scrapbooking Pages - Scrapbooking With Disney, the Perfect Summer Activity


Have you been looking for activities to do with your children? Now that summer has arrived and schools are letting out this is a great time to spend time with your kids. One activity that really stands out as a bonding experience with your child is scrapbooking. To get started with this you should take a look at premade Disney scrapbook pages. These will allow you to get going quickly and make beautiful scrapbooks.

To get started you should pick out the Disney characters you would like to work with. You can choose from Winnie The Pooh, Snow White, Sleepy Beauty, Belle, Jasmine, Mickey Mouse just to name a few. If you want your child to be really excited about the project let them pick out the character.

If you are looking to do a project that will be fun and not take a whole lot of artistic talent then take a look at getting a scrapbook kit. These come with everything you are going need to make the scrapbook. They'll have the premade Disney scrapbook pages, embellishments, accents and stickers. If necessary get a pack of words and titles you can use with the scrapbook. These are normally hard to think up. A pack of words and titles will make your scrapbook look that much better.

Of course the idea with this is to not only immortalize your memories but also spend time with your child. All to often we as parents just don't spend enough time with our children. Use the experience of making the scrapbook to connect with your child at a deeper level. You'll find this much more fulfilling than watching TV or a movie together. The premade Disney scrapbook pages will remove the up front work in getting started in making your scrapbook and will interest your child in the experience right from the start. Don't get me wrong making any kind of scrapbook with your child is great but doing it with Disney characters will hold their attention more than if you didn't use them.

Don't pass up the moments of time you have with your children. After all they eventually grow up. Seize the time you have with them now and put together a scrapbook you will enjoy for years to come. Happy scrapbooking.

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