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GBC Premium Oval Hole Spiral Coil Crimpers Review


  • The premium GBC spiral oval hole clamp Crimp (part number 7300551) are among the highest quality crimp available on the market.
  • These special pliers have been designed for users who have a coil spiral binding machine that uses modular drill holes or oval. With an oval hole pattern is necessary that the ends of the coil is doubled, with one more picture to the spool does not turn off the book where the pages are turned.
  • These pliers and bend the ends of the coil in a single motion and are an important part of any binding system.

Points Strengths / Features:

  • For users who have a spiral binding that produces oblong holes, these reels bonus clip Crimping is a necessity. a standard coil crimping product not always long enough to avoid throwing the coil to make its way to the edge of the coil bound documents.
  • roll clamps are standard 4:1 and 5:01 of the round hole pitch spiral binding. However, these roll clamps are a great option for users who are on documents with other versions of the spiral. Users who are connected by a spiral phase material 3:1, 3:01 use field coil with a tapping hole ProClick 2.5:1 or use a field coil with 2:01 pitch binding machine you will need to use the pliers to bend the ends their documents.
  • Plastic sheathed these crimpers are designed to be easy to hold and easy to use. However, it is important remember to keep the red dot on the wrinkles on the roof and the back of the book for you.
  • These coils crimping can also be used with the field Reel 4:01 or 5:1 standard without looking weird or uncomfortable. This will save users from having to have two pairs of pliers spiral binding.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • LWC crimp premium costs twenty dollars more than using a pair of coil crimping pliers. Although this is not a huge sum of money is enough to cause users to see if it's worth putting level. In some cases and in others not.
  • Even if this is the first crimpers, are not really easy to use as the standard coil crimping pliers. The only thing that makes them first is the fact that most have a shot in the foramen ovale or your strange binding.
  • users High volume sometimes complain that the task of pressing the ends of the coil wire binding bone is long and tedious. These crimpers has not helped to solve this problem. Organizations that adhere to the number of books can take a curling iron crimping electrical coil as Marlon.


  • For users who need to bind documents spiral through an oval hole configuration of holes, 3:01 pitch or pitch pattern these clips to 0,400 coil must be defined.
  • They work with standard types and special coil that makes them versatile and a decent investment. However, it is important to remember that these clips are not easy to use and does not save time crimping standard coil.
  • Therefore, users who are not always in terms of binding documents with specialty coil may be that the standard coil crimping pliers are tailored to your needs.

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