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The choice of brands of dog food safe for long-term health

I do not defend the regime commercially prepared dry pet food even if it is superior. Since the withdrawal of the incident of feed, we know that dogs are now cancer, diheabetes diseases, liver and kidneys at an early age and most have died since the beginning of suffering. The case of withdrawal of pets confirmed my thoughts pet food does not contribute and play an important role in your health today.

Today we can not ignore the fact that trade in processed foods is a cause of these recent health problems for pets. Cooking for your pet company appears to be the best solution today with the incident of withdrawal of pets. If you are unable to pay the dog's food at home, here are my suggestions on the choice of commercially prepared dog food and do the best you can with the options that you can do to minimize the risks of long-term health.

1) Select the store specializes in pet stores instead of buying in supermarkets. This option is more practical for an owner occupied occupied pet. However, much consideration should be placed in the choice of food dogs to ensure premium quality food source enters the food preparation.

2) Read the labels on food purchase. Avoid products that contain animal by-products unnamed, wheat gluten and rice protein.

3) Visit the FDA Web site regularly to see if the choosing brand of feed is selected in the memory list.

4) Select the brands with meat sources listed as the first two ingredients on the list. Be aware of words as a source of food or organic. Avoid brands that list grains as their main source of protein, meat and meat by-products, dyes, artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol known to cause swelling and anemia in dogs.

5) Do some research on brands of dog food to feed. Talk to owners dogs who buy the same brand you and watch their dogs are healthy and his coat looks good.

6) Choose the premium brand of specialty stores and do basic research on the origin of meat food source and brand that you choose.

7) Review and cooking a little more in their daily life of fresh food and let this small additional approximately 30% of its pet food. Very simple, just include dog food in some meats cooked pasta with vegetables and eggs instead of dried and canned foods. It will not throw the regime Food and balance of your dog will have a more healthy and tasty food.

8) Add enzymes to your meals. Most commercially prepared foods does not contain enough enzymes responsible for breaking down food properly. Buy Enzymes supplement, or you can give your pet fresh raw foods every day, because there are enzymes and essential nutrients in fruits and berries (only a small part of a day (Do all lawyers citrus and grapes). Feed your dog from fruit (at least 4 hours apart) to separate from their main meal for better absorption nutrients.

Home Canned Dog Food Vs cooked meat

I find that canned dog usually contain agents conservation and / or salt. Although some preservatives are natural, but we must ask ourselves. If you eat canned food is not everyday good for us humans, of course, is not healthy for your dog. canned food is a very convenient option and can be used occasionally when pressed or your dog is boarding. But on a regular basis to avoid giving your dog canned food every day.

If you want to make meals more palatable, cooking a pot of chopped / minced meat with olive oil, add some chopped vegetables and eggs. Freeze until cooked food weeks and thawed as needed to mix with your pet commercially produced food. It will save time if you do the daily preparation in large quantity, but more importantly, you have prepared one more option for your health dog. It is also a cheaper option compared to some premium canned food.

Above all, you should consult a doctor if your animal exhibits symptoms such as loss of appetite, abdominal distension, lethargy, and / or vomiting, as this could be a sign of failure a body that could be fatal.

About the Author

Veronica Eng researched on dog care from various sources for many years and summarized many effective yet simple guides to dog lovers. Her techniques have made her dogs healthy, vibrant and gorgeous coat that many envy. Natural pet health is her passion! More tips at


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