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Difference between the general and special warranty deed of guarantee of work, while buying the house? Click OK to do something special?

What is the difference between the general security of works and special warranty deed, while buying the house? The seller offers special place general.What consequences for me as a buyer. Click OK to do something special? This will affect my insurance premium rates or the lender? Can a lender even be willing to pay? Thanks in advance!

Read the traces of time and decide from there. Do you see the insurance companies.

Auto insurance

It is very necessary to ensure ONEA € ™ s car for safety. But even more important to have a good knowledge about auto insurance as it can sometimes become a problem. It is always advisable to make thorough and well-learned motor insurance policies before entering one. Ignorance leads to pay higher premiums is not necessary.

There are several factors that affect car insurance premiums. Some of them as follows:

History of a car

Car is decided in different contexts. To start the year car. Even the cost of automotive components is reflected in the premium, if any part of car is expensive, then the premium will be high. For example, a premium mid-size sedan down a premium sports car. Some body types, such as SUVs, luxury cars have an interview conducted resulting high premiums high.


Studies have come to results that, compared to male drivers, women are the safest drivers. Currently drivers pay premiums for women 40% less than young male drivers. Also there is another factor that influences the premium is age. They say that drivers who fall within the age group 18-25 years are subject to higher risk and therefore the amount of the premium is higher compared to other drivers over 25 years.


Location plays a very important role in For the insurance premium. As in the city the option of car accidents are higher, so the premium will be higher also compared to rural areas. Cities where car theft and car accident is the maximum, the insurance premiums are also at high altitudes.

The driver behavior

As for the state, the insurer sets a camera in the car to control the behavior of the drivers driver. Based on satellite and cellular phone technology, it allows to monitor violations of driving and driving skills. Hard is not practiced in India, is a very sensitive design that must be followed. And with the help of the device, if the insurer ads by increasing the number accidents and rape increase individual premiums.

Security Devices

Some insurance offer special rates if the car is equipped with anti-theft and safety devices such as alarm system, airbags, cruise speed and pressure monitoring of their tires. With these features, the car owners get reduced insurance rates because that their vehicles are less prone to accidental damage or any type of damage to the car.

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