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Overlock has coverstitch-neck/sleeve singer presser SH644?

What I do with my coverstitching overlock, but do not know if you have this feature. I Contact singer tried, but your line is connected. Can anyone tell me if this has a presser foot that coverstitching overlock or may not have that machine option? If so, can you tell me where I can find one and how would it be?

I would try to call or email any of these places, I've heard Two good things about them in groups of embroidery which I belong. Both machines selling singer should be able to tell you what you need to know and if you need a different basis likely values. http:// / index.asp good luck

Application materials tester package high precision thickness

Abstract: This paper presents the application of the device mechanical control of the thickness in the thick packet of test materials in detail.
Keywords: mechanical tester, touch, pressure, foot and kind of material parallelism.1

1. Type material package

Currently, there are several types of materials packaging on the market. For example, different types of metals, nonmetals, brilliant, brilliant opaque layer, complex and packaging materials coextrusion. Some of them are the high cost (such as aluminum and EVOH). Starting from the premise requirement of collecting evidence, the greater the thickness, plus the cost of all materials. More than a thickness that will not only waste but also reduce the effect productivity. Clearly, the thickness of the material is controlled and can be measured by the thickness tester.

2. Mechanical thickness tester

From the standpoint of principle trials, the testes are used thick thickness tester, laser thickness tester capacitive thickness Eddy Current Tester, mechanical thickness tester, tester, etc. Non-contact thickness is selective in its analysis of samples. For example, the type of laser can achieve greater accuracy in the appropriate areas, but cause an error in the biggest test when testing a sample of different surface brightness. Del Similarly, this type of evidence is very selective about the transparency of the sample. There are more errors of metals and the capacity test or eddy current type testers. In a word, every non-contact tester has its own merits. But Users can not buy many types of tester for thick samples of different materials. Tests thickness type instrument mechanical contact. With its high accuracy sensor, the test is only involved in small displacement is not selective and samples. Accuracy thickness tester mechanical testing mainly depends on the accuracy of the motion sensor. Because the ambient temperature and wind speed affect the accuracy the sensor should be used in the lab environment.

Labthink CHY-C1 tester is the first high-precision mechanical thickness is developed independently in China. Its resolution can reach 0.1? Mr. Since emerging on the market in 2004, Chy-C1 has obtained a record turnover remarkable response and a favorable market.

3. The design challenges and solutions Mechanics thickness tester

By analyzing the standard we can see that there are two main difficulties in designing mechanical tester thickness: The first is the pressure of the pedal and the other is how to achieve greater parallelism between two surfaces.

3.1 Control of foot pressure

Packaging Materials Flexible strain compression submitted can not be ignored when pressed. Therefore, the test should strictly follow the requirement sample on the contact areas and pressure specified in the rule. standards have different requirements in test area and the pressure applied. For example, to measure the thickness of the paper, the pressure specified in ASTM D 645 is 50 kPa, while ISO 534 is 100 kPa. In comparing results testing, pay attention to the test standard and test conditions.

The same sample tested by mechanical thickness testers with the same principle can produce different test results. The main reason is the pressure applied in different sample tests. Instruments have been developed according to the rule. simple test is commonly used in spiral micrometer thick. The force which is difficult to quantify and force exerted on the film and paper is the same as the non-compliance with the obligation to report the rules. Therefore, the comparison test results without state control of the instrument into account is unilateral.

Requirement 3.2 feet parallel and Anvil

There are two basic requirements for the feet and a hard place: the surface of the presser foot should be parallel to the anvil and the direction of movement of the presser foot must be perpendicular to the surface of the anvil. In the Standard AS TM D 645, the corresponding description is as follows: The surface of the foot should be parallel to the surface of the anvil with an accuracy of 0.001 mm. The presser foot movement on an axis that is perpendicular to the surface of the anvil. In fact, to ensure presser foot moves perpendicularly to the surface of the anvil is also the two surfaces parallel to each other while the precision tests can be guaranteed.

Presser Feet commonly used in the measurement of film thickness are the presser foot and foot room flat. First force can be applied uniformly across tests in the area of the sample while the latter can easily achieve the parallelism measuring point and the surface of the anvil. However, the extent of the region and the pressure can not be quantified and controlled. Most testers foot thick flat foot mechanics choose to make their data more representative.

An automatic upgrade of the structure to adopt parallel Labthink CHY C1 presser foot to the surface of the anvil. Once the calibration is not required for interference by the user. In addition, the two surfaces should avoid contamination and the foot to avoid being hit. Remove the instrument without the permission of the accuracy of the instrument.

4. Outlook

Due to the nature of soft packs compressible, non-contact measurement of thickness are limited in their application in some extent. Mechanical thickness tester has always been the first choice of material for different packages. It is true that the same material obtained different results under different pressures. One aspect Highlights in the thickness of the test material is tested in accordance with the packaging under the specified pressure.

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