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I am 19 and I still love Ariel from "The Little Mermaid". Where can I find Ariel clothing for me?

I mean like pajamas with Ariel on it or sweatshirts. I'm not crazy I just still love this princess and plus I am playing her in a play in a couple weeks. It would be something to help remember this production.

Wal Mart always has disney clothes for "teens". You could also try Rue 21 or Charlotte Russe, because i have found a few random Disney clothing items at these stores.. less chance at Rue 21, but you could give it a try!

Disney Princess Magazines: Your Treat for Your Little Princess

What better way to surprise your little princess than bringing home Disney Princess Magazines? Better yet, why not get a subscription and let her have something to look forward to eagerly twice a month?

Disney Princess magazines are truly attractive to little girls aged 4 to 9 years. It is a learning magazine that brings together all the Disney Princesses. It is filled with magical stories, activities, fun projects, games, crafts, and even more. Each issue also features collectible posters, workbooks - each page full of fun activities for your little girl.

One Disney Princess Magazine will give your little one hours of fun, magic, excitement and entertainment. Let her know about the enchanting fairy tale stories of Cinderella, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle of Beauty and the Best, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Mulan and Pocahontas. Your child will surely love learning about the fairy tale stories in far off places.

Stretch your child's imagination further and bring them to the magical world of fairy tales. Allow them to explore their creativity through the Princess Projects involving craft and art. Make crowns and jewelries, decorate royal parties, create your own princess bedroom - these are just some of the many activities that come with every magazine.

Disney Princess Magazines are not just all about arts, crafts, activities and imagination. This is also a good way to establish in your children the love for reading and stories. You probably know that children who are more inclined to reading to better in school and in real life. These magazines provide them with a good yet entertaining foundation to establish the habit of reading.

Reading stories in the magazine and doing the art activities together is a good way for you to bond with your child and spend quality time together. It is easy to see how your child will truly appreciate the time you spend with her. If you are busy with work and want to make it up to your child, getting a Disney Princess magazine can do the trick!

Getting a Disney Princess magazine subscription is a good proposition if you want your child to experience the fun and excitement in the magazine issues, yet do not want to spend as much. You can get subscriptions through the Internet through magazine subscription sites like

Take your princess to a journey like no other simply by getting a Cheap Disney Princess Magazine subscription. This may be a little act, but this little act will be appreciated by your child in ways you never thought possible. Your child truly deserves all the best things about childhood - Disney Princess Magazine is indeed one of them.

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Disney’s Princess magazine is recommended for children age 4 and older. Disney princess magazine subscription will spark the imagination while taking the child on her own princess adventure each and every month. Cheap Disney's Princess Magazine Subscription


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