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The anniversary of Disneyland?!

Hi all, going to Disneyland in California for my 16th birthday (8 / 14) and I already know about tag birthday and a town called Hall of the phone, but some questions: 1. If I have a Sorcerer Mickey or cube of the princess birthday? 2. Do you have ears Mickey birthday? 3. What should I be the first round when he turns 16? 4. Where I can find in any park concerts (celebrity appearances) being in places other than the House of Blues? 5. I heard later to become a spin if you have a label birthday, is this true? Oh, and anyone who has heard that you get access to Disneyland w / a 1943 copper penny? Has anyone done this? Is it true?

1. Depends on what you like. If you like the princess get if no magician Mickey. 2. They no birthday of Mickey ears, but make a hat like a birthday cake with candles. 3. I think they should take advantage MTN of fun as space. 4. There is no show celebirty look and are like normal hosts. You can check the House of Blues site to see who the scene. 5. This is not a written rule that put you in the front of the line. It depends on the castmembers. The City Council also have birthday buttons, you can not find a team castmember dream. they all wear blue and carry a small bag of candy. If you go to a restaurant that you can buy a birthday birthday set comes with a bag of candy and balloons, and I think a cake.

Buzz Off bumper stickers

Everyone has one. Your little bug bear, what irritates them beyond the point of rationality. You can be the engine television, or wasps, or how her boyfriend is licking the pot toast ... Whatever your problem may be, I would put money the fact that you have one.

Mine is stickers. They are horrible!

stickers have no redeeming feature. Often, Support for baldness or chav man, the sticker is a sigh of trying to act cool and regain the youth in the case of the latter.

"Honk if you love rock 'No, Thanks I honk demand.

"Princess on board" Really?

And I do not the "baby on board." Even I know this is irrational, but it will cause a massive, because it implies that love would be to plow in the back of the person in front, it is not because there was a rug rat on the back.

target = "_blank"> automobile insurance companies must also hate. The writing on these stickers product is often so small Every runner must get some of the somewhat less intelligent species called to report an accident, the crucial point is the way back then someone who tries to read that, in fact, love of Wales.

I did not get them. Why do you want to advertise to foreigners who a) a dog b) the love of your dog or c) hate dogs?

Think about it. And I'm sorry if, after reading this, you just buy another nightmare. Rant over.

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