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What is this coming out of soap and 100% cotton fabric just bought?

I rinse and very clean (no soap used) sink several times then sprayed some alcohol to disinfect and risnsed a little more. The water was clean. I cut the fabric preshrunk just bought hot water and plenty of soap is available! Do you know why? I suffer from allergies and MCS tissue (chemical allergies) and most can only carry 100% cotton, but I am very concerned about the amount of soap is released. I rinse the hand several times and could not achieve that. It was woven of cotton with just a simple printing. Does anyone know what type of chemicals used to treat the fabric? Or is it just a soap of them never bothered to color? Some cotton is very steep and difficult, but it was sweet. Does anyone know how the cotton issue and why? Wrinkles is not at all. Thank you.

Some fabrics are treated with a kind of calibration or corn starch to stiffen a bit of material. Perhaps this is what was clear in its web site soap.

Block Printing in India, three main techniques

block printing, as its name suggests, is the use of blocks Wood in the dyeing and stamping. In India, the photograph has been in practice since the 12th century. Even before the 6th century BC, there are references that India was to maintain the cotton trade from Babylon. So the idea that India has an ancient heritage of cotton fabric. block printing is well known for the use of rich colors and dynamic. Traditionally, the colors natural plant were used in this process, but nowadays, the synthetic colors are also used.

There are three Print main block techniques:

a) Direct Printing: This technique cliché, first, cotton or silk fabric is washed to make it free of starch. Then it is milled in a whisper, if the natural gray color of the fabric is not necessary. Wooden blocks, also known as "Bunta" are subjected to minute designs carved on the bottom. These wooden blocks used to print documents using the colors already in place. The printing is done for the first time on the outer edges of the canvas and follow the printing of the hinterland. First, more details are covered and then the smallest details are done by design.

b Printing Resistance): This is the technique which, in fact, resist the dye to be applied in certain areas of the canvas. The prints are designed so that in some places, it is not necessary to dye. To facilitate this, a mixture of clay and resin is applied in areas where you do not want dyed. Tint if it comes to protected areas through cracks produce a wavy pattern. But is regarded as beautification. Then, the dyed fabric is washed. In addition, other areas of the canvas are usually printed block.

c) Approval of print management: This printing technique block. Firstly, the fabric is dyed with the desired color. Then, a chemical applied to certain regions of the fabric to fade or eliminate the effect of color. In addition, these regions colored faded again, but a different color, so a color effect is produced.

Block printing is done in different parts of India. The main block printing centers in Gujarat Rajasthan and Ahmedabad, Sanganer, Bagru, Farrukhabad and Pethapur. Ajrakh Lepakshi prints and engravings are among the most popular categories recorded.

For more complete information block prints of India or any other form other boats in India please visit India Craft

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