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configuration and size of the rings (work?)?

all, someone has tried these? damage around the ring? Thanks I already had my ring size three occasions. I have yet to do so in small ..

There are soft rubber to avoid damaging the ring. I bought mine Wal-Mart, a set of 4 by 4 (I just need one good). My ring was changed the day I arrived at a size of 3.75. It's in the spring and summer large, but with a cold start sometimes my ring is too loose because my hands as "down" when they are cold. I do not want to return to your twice a year (for winter and summer), so I just use rubber. If it is a matter permanently, you should get resized to fit properly, but if you're like me and cold hands, rubber things are very good (but you should get used to using them, can be uncomfortable at first).

Advantages of having a dog at home

If you do not have a dog, you should. For those who already have a pet you are already aware of the benefits of a dog at home. For those of you who do not have a dog, keep reading to find out why you should.

There is nothing as exciting as using your new house pet. If you adopted a stray dog or if you bought a puppy does not matter, As you give unconditional love if one or 100. In addition, it is unconditional love many other advantages of having a dog home.

Health is probably the single most talked about in those days. This is because studies have shown some remarkable data Animal and health as a lower risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. 28% percent of people are hospitalized for heart disease are still alive a year later, while only 6% of people who had no dog has survived a full year.

A dog will also help reduce stress in your life and overcome feelings of isolation if you live yourself. You had a horrible day, you're ready to scream, and walk in the door to welcome Fido wagging his tail. What stress? Why does not melt.

Studies also showed a lower level of triglycerides and cholesterol in those who have a dog. There also appears to be a reduction in blood pressure. This means that if you already have a dog that is less likely to suffer from heart disease. This also means that if you have a disease can be the best medicine because you are a new puppy. At least it's a good excuse to get a new friend.

The dogs also wonderful companions. First step is to decide which breed suits your personality. Remember that your new friend will be part of the family to take up to 16 years I love you, friendship and camaraderie. Do your research before buying. It is a lifetime commitment. Your dog is a being living that requires care. The two will build a lasting friendship will be difficult to explain to any person who does not have a dog of their own.

When you choose your long term partner to choose the puppy that connects with you. We've all experienced at some point our lives when one puppies and there seem to regard an immediate bond. It's the puppy you want.

Your dog will also protect you. Do not make the mistake of think you need a big dog as a protector. Of course, a big dog is much more intimidating to an outsider, however, a small dog can do noise and warn against a potential problem. In addition to the small dogs are more likely to bite strangers is a big dog. So do not let the total size is your guide to choosing a dog as a protector. Of course, if you need a real physical threat, then you should be looking Berger German, Doberman, Rottweiler, and to name a few breeds known for their protective nature.

The advantages of having a dog at home are obvious. Now the only question left is what a dog will choose?

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