Puerto Rico Seaglass

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where to go in rincon puerto rico?

For beach activities try Steps Beach. You can snorkel from the beach. If you're a diver try Taino's Dive Shop. They'll take you to Desecheo Island and other areas. You can also go parasailing, right off the marina. You can surf, amost anywhere along the north coast of Rincon or the western side from Domes down to Tres Palmas.
-Try also horseback riding, Pintos R Us, they're next to the marina and they'll take you along 413 and into the jungle surrounding Domes.
For food, try Pool's Beach, they serve raw and cooked sushi and they're cheap. Try also Happy Burgers, up on 413 for their fish tacos.
Both places serve good food at good prices. Also try Shipwrecks, The Spot, and Smiling Joes, all a tad more expensive, but with great food.
For souvenirs try Mango Beach Shop in Puntas, and The Secret Garden Art Gallery in Barerro. Both sell seaglass jewelry. Mango Beach has a great assortment of t-shirts and other neat stuff. Secret Garden has more paintings.
For coffee try Surf's Up on 115, and Banana Dang on 413. Both have wi-fi and goodies.
Pick up an issue of El Coqui of Rincon and you'll get a great sense of the happenings in town.
If you're old enough to visit a bar, try Happy Hour at Calypso
September and October many busineses are closed, and they're starting to reopen now.

A kaleidoscope In The Sand

There are a variety of colorful title = "Sea Glass, Sea Glass"> waiting to be found on a beach near you. In some regions, like a kaleidoscope in the sand. Some colors are easy to find, while others can be very difficult to achieve. colors of beach glass are rare in one area may be common in another.

You can find sea glass of all colors of the rainbow ... ordinary green, white, brown and emerald green weird colors red, orange, yellow and pink, many more. Sea glass can be found in the pale pastel shades of deepest cobalt or ruby red. Each color is possible.

Glass Beach origins are as varied as their colors. Each track has a different variety. What is rare in an industry may be common in another. You almost never find piece of cobalt or red in the Atlantic, in white, brown and green. But in places like Puerto Rico, cobalt and Ruby are more abundant. beaches of Bermuda Seaglass abound, but the emerald green common on the Atlantic coast is much more difficult to find. Greenwood is very common in Bermuda, but there are rarely in our Atlantic coast beaches.

The research is the most fun. What a thrill it is to find a color difficult to achieve in your favorite beach. Colors may vary to find the track you want and are limited only by the type of glass that has been marketed in the region for years many years.

About the Author

Dianne McLaughlin of Sea Glass Jewelry by Spirit of the Sea, spends every available opportunity on a beach searching for sea glass. She turns her finds into wearable art which is offered on her website:
She also exhibits at several shows each year including the Festival of the North American Sea Glass Association, of which she is a commercial member. As a member she spends much time promoting and educating as to the virtues of real, natural sea glass.


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