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Are there free online instructions for making bows dog?

I looked and looked but I can not find anything good. I prefer instructions image. I have a Yorkie of six months and I pull the hair with a band and a ribbon bow around it, but it works well, it takes about 20 seconds to get the tape, then left with a lock of hair twisted in confusion. The group continues, but the majority of hair emerged. Although it's very nice to see, I prefer to find a way to keep in her hair.

This has instructions, but not Photos> http://www.groomers.net/discus/messages/93/13519.html?1142444588 No, I could not find another! I saw instructions after the collection in a book .. I think it was a Shih Tzu pounds .. I found the DVD on a large number of dog and $ 20, but far from free ..

How do hair bows for girls

hair bows are very cute and if done properly, give style back to your child and make up your hair style. In a bow to a classic fantasy series, a bow-bow hair can do much that reflect the true style of son. Despite these arches hair are simple to make, some require sewing or using a hot glue gun. Thus, you can create it yourself or supervise your child when she did.

Make a rainbow shoelaces braided front is as easy as tying your shoes and the effects can be multiplied when you combine the materials more complicated. Their inclusion in these next braid brings a new dimension to an old style hair. In this article, learn how to make a hair bows very popular to say with rainbow laces before Braids. Let's begin.

Elements necessary -

* 18 inches rope sequins

* Three 18-inch strips, 1 / 8 inches wide

* Pin 1-1/2 inch

The reason for this film gives a shoelace bow looks great and almost unbelievable. To get the look pinched at the tip of the tail, cut the ends so it is a point in the center, then fold both sides back and glue them together before adding the stars.

  1. Strung sequins To cut to length, put the glue on the ends of the chain to keep the flakes.
  1. Then hold sequins and ribbons all about 4-1/2 inches ends. Make a loop about 2-1/2 inches long.
  1. Wrap the material loose around the base of the loop to form a small circle around it, then add the material through the circle to form a second loop, as if attached a shoelace.
  1. Pull the two loops in opposite directions to ensure the front, as if tying a shoelace. Adjust loops and tails so that both sides are symmetrical.
  1. Then paste the clip to the back of the front.

Add a personal touch to your hair bow with a photo of your pet, your best friend, a hunky type, or even a picture that you drew. Just paste the image of a piece of colored card and give it a pat on the arc. When the news hit the bow, think about what the direction of the pin is in. If you put a photo or message, make sure it will be right when the pin is in your hair.

Braiding is a technique difficult to control. Do not get discouraged if you have problems the first time you try it. Keep trying, even if is not repeated, his fingers finally get the hang of it. To create braids in front, follow these instructions:

  1. All the hair is next to the center of head, brushing each side in a ponytail behind her ear. Secure each ponytail with a band coating. Place a ponytail behind the styler ponytail band lying on the right side, the loop ends.
  1. Draw the ponytail through the loop.
  1. Gently holding the ponytail, pull the ponytail styler down so that the tail horse is pulled through the band behind the cover. Hair and falls.
  1. Cross section of the ponytail in the three chapters the same size. Crossing the line just below the center line and the center to pull the rope to the right. Crossing the line from the left in the middle section so that the positions change sides.
  1. Continue to work this way and sections at the end of the ponytail. Secure with a covered band. Repeat on the ponytail on the left side
  2. try hair oil under Search and lengthen thicker and easier to manage hair in just a few weeks, click on the link in the box below authors

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Rob Maraby is the author of over 25 self published books on health, beauty and marketing! Try Mira hair oil for Free How to Make Girls' Hair Bows-click here and you will not be disappointed


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