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Where you sew ribbons and elastic on my pointe shoe?

Where is supposed to sewing the elastic and ribbons on my pointe shoe? Someone have photos or videos that have to sew?

Take the shoe heel tip and fold the inner heel to the end of the shoe. Place the tape around the edge of cap. This is where you sew the tape, one on each side of each of the inner shoe. It is sometimes difficult to find the right color thread to match you shoes Pointe. Something similar will be fine or you can use silk as it is very strong. When sewing the tape does push along the satin thread, just lift the canvas. (This is the material inside the shoe) Thus, it looks clean and has a seam showing on the outside of the shoe. Having ribbons sewn on you mught want to slightly melt the end of the tape with a game to avoid collapse of the tape. Now for the spring! There are two types resistant, 3/8 "in length, or 5/8 "long. If your teacher does not recommend the use of elastic that is your preference. Begin with the shoe on your foot and measure the length of elastic you need because the ankles each person are different sizes. Mark the elastic to the point where it is tight around the ankle to get as strong elastic Cuz you can always you can lie. Hold the elastic medium heel again. Sew good length of elastic shoe heel. No elastic thing on canvas with rope, because then you will not be able to tighten the chain.


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