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OK, Halloween/fall is my favorite time of the year. Pls help me make the best of it.?

Halloween/fall is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it all year! I usually go to haunted houses and wild halloween parties but this year im pregnant. What are some things i can do to get me in the mood? (like going to pumpkin patches, going to halloween stores, watching scary movies... those kinds of things)

I'm not pregnant, but I do have a 21 month old, so my "partying" is definitely limited. And October/Halloween is my second favorite holiday/month.

This month, I am taking my daughter to a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze, which will be fun. Halloween Expresses are popping up everywhere, and those are always fun to browse around in. Scary movies are always fun, and channels like Bravo always have scary movie marathons. Also, don't forget the channel ABC Family's 13 nights of Halloween or whatever.
And, of course, you could always grab some family kids and go trick-or-treating!

Halloween Pumpkin carving Tips

The creativity of graphic designers has blossomed, manufacturing a never-ending array of pumpkin carving stencils for Halloween. Stencils basically combine 2 great values in one. They are an ultra-easy way to scratch an outline on the pumpkin face with an icepick, which can be carved with ease later. Or, you may use a black marker and just restrict yourself to the drawing if you are in a hurry.

The Halloween Pumpkin carving options available are unlimited.

gone is the straightforward Jack o'Lantern that used to be the sole Halloween Pumpkin carving style. Or, more exactingly, it's not gone but has been joined by 1,000 new ones to make the holiday even more fun.

Cats are a big percentage of the total. That is's not surprising since black moggies play such an outstanding role in Halloween mythology. You will find everything from the friendly, smiling kitty to the evil, grinning demon-in-animal-form among the choices. Go beyond the cat-face, though and carve a complete animal so you can include the tail. That long slit in the pumpkin makes for a great lighting effect.

Pirates are another preferred Halloween Pumpkin carving design. Why pirates should be related to Halloween isn't clear. Perhaps that is because it's such a common costume, or folks just believe they look malicious. But whatever the reason, they offer an outstanding series of shapes that are easy to make. When you add a pipe to the final face design, it adds an engaging asymmetry that makes your pumpkin a little different.

Batman Halloween Pumpkin carving designs are always popular, thanks to the hit movie. But bats have for some time been related to Halloween, so the theme fits right in. Instead of just do one, go wild and carve twelve little ones all around the surface. When you light the interior, it splashes yellow-orange light in all directions. Very cool.

You can include heaps of non-traditional elements to make your Halloween Pumpkin carving design unique.

Old Mummy films ( and the most recent one, too ) make ancient Egypt a part of Halloween myth. They include poltergeists, zombies, crypts, black cats and the like so that the mix works really well. Exploit that and carve a Pharaoh's head on your pumpkin. The headdress offers a geometrical pattern that makes the lantern cast shadows that add to your house decorations.

You can create some truly gross Halloween Pumpkin carving designs like having a smaller pumpkin in the mouth of a bigger one, getting eaten. Huge fun. Go one step further and carve your pumpkin to appear like a Great White shark's mouth and have it swallowing 3 people. If only the legs show out of the pumpkin mouth, you've got a hit. See how weird you can be with Halloween Pumpkin carving and get away with it?

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Halloween Pumpkin carving

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