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Why is not my needle punch embroidery needle punch work for?

The thread continues to go out and lay on the canvas REALLY ring. Help is really frustrating that I was really hard for a long time. ;-(

I agree with the first person who answered, but there another factor ... if you use too many threads that the tension too tight on the needle, he will retire as he had enough "give" in the thread.

Carpet technical decision

Carpets have been exchanged with carpets . All Note that there being a wide range of designs to choose from, unlike carpets, wall to wall area permanently attached, carpets are used not only as a kind soil, but can also be a decorative addition to dull walls inside a house. So how is it made?

Carpet making is an art Prehistoric and ships can not go out of date. Has a long and evolving over time. It is a skill that involves a large number of techniques and procedures. It may seem a challenge to do, but since has been created in the days when there are many technologies and machines to help people with their daily life, people have found ways to make it less difficult. So what are these techniques that were used during antiquity and are still in use today?

Rug hooking has been around since at least two centuries. In ancient times, was a boat most often done by people who suffer from scarcity: the poor communities. And then, they often seek materials for their houses residual to be used, tissue fragments are usually used. And while women from wealthy families, enrolled in schools where teaching quilting and embroidery, deprived women are all used materials found in access to its own manufacturing facility covers home. coupling customary carpet is a process that involves loops of fabric, wool, which has thrown all the way through a backing material. This technique is regarded as a traditional rug hooking . Use a tool like a hook that is mounted on a wooden handle for support.

On the other hand weaving is a technique that is more familiar and probably common to the ear. The process starts From the center of his work out to the desired size of the mat is achieved. Similar to braid hair your child, this technique uses three or more strips of cloth or fabric, but may also be possible using thick thread, sewing the braids together to keep it intact. Braided rugs are most often elliptical than rectangular.

The catch word comes from the French word which means an alligator clip. hook rug fabrics are heavy son of a hook of a considerable size. As traditional rug hooking, weaving method involves pension obligations, but this time instead of shooting through a material tissue support through links from another guy who is very similar to knitting. Crochet is not just for the rugs. In fact, in the early days was considered as a way of life for most families to create clothing and blankets.

Twisted hook and latch are just some of the techniques of the art of carpet making. There are others in the form of needling, and the fabric surface used in the process. Each technique requires special tools and materials that are probably similar. How hard will never be the carpet is, one thing is certain. Special ability that is necessary if one does not, he or she will not succeed in this field: patience.

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