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I can's punch a hole with my new Fiskars Eyelet Punch Set for scrapbooking- please help - Thanks!?

I just bought the Fiskars Eyelet Punch set and I am following the directions: I am using a regular sheet of paper, placed on a craft mat. I hold the pen looking item with the hole punch side down. I hold the bottom of the piece in one hand and lift up the top piece with the other hand and then let go. I hear a loud snap, but all that is left on the paper is an indented circle, but it did not cut through the paper. Even when I pull up the top piece a bunch of times, it still doesn't punch. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for the help!!!
Can I return it (to AC Moore) if I already openned the packing and starting (trying to) use it?

Thanks for the help!

I had trouble with those setters too. They're not very easy to use. I agree with the other response to return them. I love the Provo Craft Silent Setter (http://store.scrapbook.com/pc-19-1035.html ) It will do the same thing as the Fiskars ones and you won't hurt yourself doing it.

I looked up their return policy. It says you can return open items if they are defective. I'd consider a hole punch that doesn't cut a hole defective.
If they don't take it back, another suggestion would be to try to punch on aluminum foil. This is a good trick for sharpening punches.

Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques

When it comes to scrapbooking, you’ll find that you’ll become bored with beginning practices quickly. It won’t take long before you’ll start experiencing with advanced techniques to enhance your scrapbooking projects. The best way to gain experience with different scrapbooking techniques is to simply implement them into your projects. The more you use them, the easier they’ll become. Here are some advanced scrapbooking techniques to get you started.

First, you may want to begin saving all of your leftover scrapbooking scraps. These extra bits of materials may be used together to create their own mosaic style. Simply take all of your scrap pieces and cut them into small pieces. Now, you can glue all of the small pieces into a mosaic. If you glue them onto a sheet of paper that is a contrasting color, you’ll get a great effect. By continually saving all of your scaps, you’ll find that you will have an endless supply of mosaics to work with.

Another advanced technique that delivers great results is the Matchbook Scrapbook. This technique creates a small scrapbook that resembles a matchbook. When the matchbook is opened it displays a small picture and any little details that you decided to add. These are miniature-sized scrapbooks and provide wonderful results. With a computer printer, you can easily shrink your photos to matchbook size to ensure that they fit perfectly within their tiny borders.

A simple but advanced technique is to use decorative scissors for cutting your papers. The added embellishment will enhance your pages and save time as well. You can choose from a number of different scrapbooking scissors that are available on the market. Bu using decorative scissors creatively and cutting images close to the lines, you can create realistic images that pop out of the scrapbook. Try experimenting with different backgrounds, scissors, and images until you get a 3-D effect that brings your scrapbooks to life.

Likewise, you can use creative punching techniques to add pizzazz to your projects as well. Combine cuts and punches to make a unique one of a kind effect. A great technique is to use your punch and then weave ribbon, cords, silk threads, embroidery floss, or decorative yarns through the holes. This will create a distinctive border and looks magnificent when finished.

Many people think only about the cut outs and the embellishments that they are going to use when scrapbooking. However, it is also important to pay close consideration to the background that you will be using as well. You don’t have to use a plain color background. You can lay a foundation by sponging, stamping, gluing, and decorating the background paper before you begin the actual scrapbooking process. This is a great way to add spice to your project and jazz it up.

You’ll find that there are so many creative options to choose when scrapbooking that you’ll have no difficulty coming up with new ideas. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, using advanced scrapbooking techniques will strengthen your skill, enhance your projects, and provide a rich creative outlet for your scrapbooking ideas.

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