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Hd7000 Heavy Rhin-O-Tuff modular interchangeable die punch binding test


  • The HD7000 Rhin-O-Tuff is a heavy blow interchangeable die binding is designed for printing, binding machines, photocopiers, printers on the field and professional organizations.
  • This machine is designed to allow users to quickly and easily change templates for creating documents with punching different binding styles. In fact, there are over twenty different models to choose holes.
  • The HD-7000 is known in the printing industry for their robust construction, excellent productivity and versatile set of features.

Strengths / Features:

  • The HD7000 offers the ability to drill an average of 41 sheets per lift between all the most common hole-patterns. You can drill up to 55 sheets of paper lift using the 3 holes and hole patterns Velobind and only 30 sheets of spiral coil. These capabilities are excellent drilling and are among the best in the industry. In fact, the only machine that can punch several sheets at a time is the HD7700 which is a heavier version of this target machine.
  • This machine has a groove Marking legal firms. All matrices for the HD-7000 is capable of piercing a sheet of fourteen inches of legal size paper. This allows great flexibility for organizations that sometimes need to punch legal size paper. However, all tables used by this team are also fully detachable punch pins and open throat. This means that this machine can be used to drill most of the length the document to twenty-eight inches long (more than 14 sheets will "require a two-step process of drilling).
  • What sets the separate HD7000 HD6500 Tuff Rhino is the system change rapid death. This system allows users to switch punching patterns in less than thirty seconds with Just released lock levers and sliding out of system die. You do not have to loosen the screws or other fasteners to change dies.
  • This machine is designed to allow users to pieces of finishing equipment bolt from the top of the machine. Using special kits that you can attach a comb opener, wire insertion coil or closer to the top of the punch. You can even place a special holder to store your premature death when he died not in use.
  • As all machines built by Rhino Tuff this machine is built with solid metal components. The HD-7000 is designed for use in commercial applications high volume of visits. Comes with one year warranty on both the game and the machine dies and is built to last for years without maintenance.
  • The HD7000 uses a vertical cutting throats. The vertical slot allows operators to use the throat of the machine to help align your documents for punching. Some users prefer this type of design of a horizontal fist.

Weaknesses and limitations:

  • The HD7000 has many of the same features as the HD7700. However, to save the consumer money Rhino Tuff replaced the engine with a small and kills smaller sets. For the small price difference between the two machines that many users find that the upgrade to HD-7700 Ultima is sentence. It offers a higher capacity drilling diesets heavy drilling motor service and greater and more lasting.
  • The blow HD-7000 is designed for drilling in the binding industry, printing and copy shops. In this spirit, Rhino Tuff gave this team an industrial look and feel. For operators economic game, it should not be a problem. However, in an office environment This machine is more difficult to use and configure the machines drilling like the GBC.
  • Although the HD7000 is technically capable of drilling more sheets than many other successes on the drilling of quality papers is sacrificed in the process. Unfortunately, such is the case with most Rhino Tuff binding blows. In testing this machine, I found that hitting more than twenty-twenty-five sheets both led to holes in teeth and pages have been merged. This affected over look and feel of documents that I link.
  • System rapid change that is used to die in this team is much easier to use this system included in the HD6500. However, when comparing the change process dies on this machine and the process used by the GBC modular binding blows, dice games were much easier to change Machinery CBG. I do not like the clip system used by these machines to keep drilling bolts locked in the matrix. He is pulling the pin to puncture sheets of custom size difficult.


  • The HD-7000 is an excellent machine for users who need a robust modular binding time and do not have money in your budget, the GBC Magnapunch Tuff HD7700 or Rhino.
  • The legal framework of Drilling throat size, drilling excellent, robust construction and a rapid die change system make this machine an excellent choice for printers, binders, copy shops and large organizations.
  • But without this machine has a smaller engine than the HD7700 and is not as easy to use the CBG Magnapunch. However, it is a solid machine with a large range of services provided cheaply.


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