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What does it mean for the drilling of paper, which is used to make handicrafts.?

sense of the article and I can get barbed WHeR India especially in Tamil Nadu

This is to answer the second part of your question - here is a delivery address Quilling India: http://www.shilpi.com/ Here's a site that has a good article about a young girl in India who hand-made cards as a business, and quilling used among other techniques. http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/mp/2005/11/23/stories/2005112301520400.htm

Quilling Pro 5 Tips for every beginner should know

When you learn to feather, it is natural that you want your finished look exactly like Quilling model we follow, but probably will not. There are several factors that affect the appearance of a room attached that most artists not even take into account. Here are five tips quilling explaining the problems you have and what you can do to create more consistent and professional piercing can be proud.

  1. Their roles and moves for you. It does not look exactly mine or someone else. Everyone works on a different voltage when curling strips of paper from changes in the coils and rolls. Not only that, but his own points varies from one to another depending on your mood and how you feel at the time. To see for yourself, compare the reels you do when you tired or exhausted from those made when he is relaxed and rested. You will notice a big difference. A good tip is to prepare all bands for a project in the same time. This allows you to roll your tapes one after the peak, producing more tension constant.
  2. account the regularity glue control. Nothing will ruin the appearance of a finished piece of quilling to make more pieces of rubber wherever globules of glue in where it is attached to its back. Just a drop of sealing the end coil to himself or to schedule a coil or move sure you build your design. Adhesive A little more may be necessary to ensure the quilling paper to the box or under the rear, but not much. Clean hands are a top priority when working with watermarked paper and you'll want to wash your hands before starting any project quilling. The best tip Quilling I found to help keep the tail of the fingers is to keep a damp paper towel handy to wipe your fingers on the measure pen. Also, keep lotions to a minimum for oil will not discolor the paper.
  3. All quilling paper is not the same. You can think that a package of 1 / 8 inch wide paper to be the same as another, but this is not the case. As we know all, the document is available in various weights and even in the same papers are more body weight than others to make them more appropriate for quilling. The weight of paper used to create the bands may vary slightly between manufacturers and even within the same manufacturer. In fact, it is a manufacturer selling Quilling strips made of cardboard which is very difficult to work with, since cracks and fractures. If you encounter difficulties quilling before surrendering frustration, try a strip of paper from another company. You may be the problem with the coils are the role and not you.
  4. quilling book is a "right" side and "wrong. If one examines a strip of paper quilling, you will notice that one side has soft edges that curve down slightly. The other side has slightly curved edges upward. This is because the blade cutter pushes down on paper as it cuts. The smooth side is considered the right (or top) of the paper. Want to start your curls with this side of the sheet in place. This difference is especially noticeable when he joined several bands to form a tight roll for as large a base, etc.
  5. Use quilling tool that works for you. There are many commercial tools available warped, the two types of slot right needle. toothpick a pin or a round bouquet can also be used. As for me, I prefer the most basic tool of all - your fingers. Note that the tool quilling are merely tools to help you create the desired coil or spiral. By all means, follow the instructions that come with the tool or you can find the Internet, but if the instructions seem to work for you, please try to use the tool in a slightly different. The instructions that came with my tool Grooving first time I told myself rolling paper. I tried several times, but my fingers struggled with the movement. However, when the paper rolled away from me and it felt good so I can use this tool today. If you still have difficulty to use a particular type of tool, test tool totally different. You'll soon find one that suits you best.

Put Quilling these tips to work for you and you will soon see better results.

About the Author

Click now for a free quilling e-book packed with more tips and three complete quilling patterns. Written by award winning quilling artist, Charlotte Canup, it's more than just a great book for the beginner, it has something for quillers of all levels. Her blog, The Art of Quilling, specializes in creative ideas, techniques, and patterns for paper quilling (paper filigree). You'll find quilling patterns and how-to projects for quillers, scrapbookers, card makers, and home decor enthusiasts.


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