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If I have a handmade quilt with the Harley Davidson logo where I can find the model of the logo?

I tried to craft, fabric, crochet, knitting, but I have not found the model ... please help!

Get this site and have expanded to a printer. Then cut the pieces to make your http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&va=harley+davidson+logo&sz=all applies

Heart of Christmas a single parent home

The time of year has come when everyone is running around stores and malls in all its states try to find the right gift for that special person in their life. The holiday season has become more commercialized as it always has been. Is not it nice to see more families have a simple house Christmas without all the stress?

Just there I think gives 10 ideas fun the whole family can enjoy, especially from the perspective of parents. Enjoy a Christmas House with their children can be fun, educational and entertaining. Children need to experience the true meaning of the season and I can not imagine a better way to share and give Homemade gifts.

1) home for Christmas cards. All that is needed is a computer, printer, and a sort of map of desktop software / and you are ready to go. I can print the ballots for me every year for vacation. You can do this or make your own maps. Involve children, they love to help design different. Also, you can still have children to take with crayons and colored markers construction paper.

2) Christmas ornaments at home. Decorate the tree with homemade items can be fun and inexpensive. You'll be amazed how much money is saved. Gather everyone (parents too), and to traditions and holiday memories.

3) points in the oven in boxes for Christmas gifts. If you are financially challenged this year, it would be practical gift that will always be appreciated. Ask children to help them become special for family and friends. And yes, zero revenue is always the best.

4) Articles Croteched. Now this is more for mom Of course, unless you have a teenage daughter who would be interested in crochet. You can make several gifts such as handles, scarves, blankets, and angels, to name a few.

5) crafts. For example, the sky is the limit. You can do all sorts of new features Intelligent, including tablecloths holiday stockings, gift bags, snowflakes, paper decorations, pine cone, pearls, and many other projects.

6) The revenues of the traditional holiday main dishes, desserts, breads, cookies and cakes. Get all the family, including members of the delay. If you are the host This year, that your guests bring home per family.

7) Photo Albums. Taking pictures is always fun. Your kids will love helping with project. Collect all the old photos that have been stored in your closet for years and use them. If you have a large number of photos, you can create many small businesses or a rule if you wish. Be creative with borders and backgrounds. You can also use the quotes for each photo. In addition, several models can be used for quilt out albums.

8) Scrapbook. For this you can save a special bond package gifts, gift tags, wrapping paper, stickers, holiday, garland trees, Christmas cards and letters Father Christmas, just to name a few. Ask your children to color photographs. You can also use some of your favorite photos. A family tree is also another great idea. Bring creativity and imagination of all members of the family.

9) home decoration for your windshield. I used to have a lot of fun to do things on our window when I was a small child. You need construction paper or cardboard, scissors, pencils, glue and glitter. I always had fun with the brightness.

10) books revenue. This project can be fun when included recipes from several members of the family. You can share stories that go with each recipe and Add photos. To do this, you will need to use all of the family favorites that have been passed down from generation to generation. These are great gift ideas.

Perform these activities in a family tradition each year. You'll make memories that your children will be reflected in the years to come and teach them the true meaning Christmas.

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