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quilting denim jean old?

I collect old jeans for a while and I use them to make a quilt with the Lone Star "or" Star of Bethlehem "Pattern. Also I have some addresses. I stung before, but only square blocks. I'm sure it will be a different animal, and I can use any help here. The reconstruction will be in the machine. Sewing Machine / Hand / Send to being bitten by a person with a long arm machine. Thanks for your efforts and answers

No problem to make quilts with jeans, but there may be a problem with models that have been selected ... Remember how heavy denim ... which does not lend specific points as you think. Plan the seam will be great ... it is best to plan a quilt of this tissue, perhaps a log cabin ... I do not think you will happy with a blanket of stars. Good luck

Quilting for Beginners: How to enjoy your beautiful quilt heirlooms Generations

Did you know that most quilters 6 million commencing decided to learn to bite over the last 3 years?

This brings the total number of quilts to about 27 million dollars - Only the United States. And most of the quilts, like me, are presented with the painting and drawing skills limited.

Patchwork is a great way to create a work of art with fabric. It is well known that the painting "will not be perfect, and the colors and patterns are limited to what is available in a quilt shop or fabric dyed by hand.

Here are my tips to help you get started in the decisions of quilts for you, your children and grandchildren:

  • Combine the blocks of fabric to create quilts. By changing the shape of parts in a block, such as squares and triangles of fabric to replace light switch on dark fabric, you can create a whole new quilt design. And always keep your quilt construction thereof.
  • Simple is the name of the game for many blankets. Since the beginning Quilter, focus on learning and practice of quilting basics you need to develop their art.
  • Use the form of one or two for all patches of the quilt. This makes it easier to sew a quilt together. Squares and triangles offer many advantages in terms of simplicity.
  • Remember, interesting variations on the quilt blocks that are affected by where you place the fabrics in your quilt, and how each patch is divided in the pattern quilt.

8 Quilting easy to start

Quilt Pattern 1: A patch quilt blocks Single-nine may be used as an example of how a different block can look just by changing the location of colors in the nine parts of an apple. With only two colors of fabric in alternating squares creates a checkerboard design.

Quilt Pattern 2: With the same nine patches of two colors of fabric, using only squares in each block, you can create a quilt pattern that looks like a large X.

Quilt Patterns 3 and 4: Do you greater challenge? Take a few patches in square blocks and is divided in half with a corner (commonly called half-square triangles quilting world), and create a quilt Ohio Star block or factory.

Quilt Patterns 5,6,7, and 8: Change your location tissue again and the block becomes a basket in May Quilt Block, a Maple Leaf Quilt Block, block bow tie, or even a series of diamonds, diamonds oblique.

Increase the number of colors in your quilt, and design changes again. And, using only two basic shapes (squares and triangles) can create any design changes.

The quilts are beautiful works of art that have survived the test of time and will continue As there is no fabric quilting imagination.

Happy Quilting!

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As the author of more than 9 books on quilting and a quilter of more than 27 years, Quilting Coach Penny Halgren provides beginners and advanced quilters with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for making a beautiful family heirloom. Now, you can sign up for her free set of 10 quilt block patterns, and a wide variety of beginner quilt block patterns at TheQuiltingCoach.com


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