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Half of the square triangles with the quilt?

I'm starting a baby quilt from a kit I bought. This simple model, consisting of large pieces. In fact, there are only six finished the quilt blocks together. Four of 6 1 / 4 "pieces are sewn together to a four-block patch. After 9 "blocks are cut diagonally to create two triangles and a square and a half. These triangles are sewn on each side to create the finished block. The problem I have is after sewing the first two and a half square triangles and the press, when I sew in the other two, instead of getting what appears to complete four triangles, two triangles, the second cutting edges. Is this something that happened due to a problem so far? Perhaps with the introduction of the web?

I was totally confused, but figured it out! It seems that the 6 1 / 4 "measuring cup is a mistake, not his mistake. Traditionally, 1 / 2" is added to the end of measurement. Example: if a block is to finish 6 "to measure and cut the block to 6 1 / 2" to allow the traditional 4.1 "stitched quilt to rebuild this principle could be the reason for the triangle. does not fit, because you must have a 1 / 4 "extension at each corner of the tip is sewn on the side of the block 4 patch. However, if you short blocks 6 1 / 4 "and use the traditional seam 1 / 4", finished 4 patch blocks measure 12 "x 12". In comparison, a 6 1 / 2 "cutting block would result in block 4 patch that measures 12 1 / 2" x 12 1 / 2. "The 9" diagonal cutting block and gives a cut to 13 ". Central to the cutting edge 12 "4-patch block and has 1 / 2" back at each end, which is too much. Cut the triangle of 1 / 4 "each side bottom to top, leaving the necessary 1 / 4 "on each end of the base 4 patch sewn block. Use cotton thread to help eliminate the stretch. I would see the model of this team or a team photo.

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