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I am looking for a quilting pattern for a beginner.?

I bought a bundle of high speed 5 piece of cloth. Each piece 18in.x 21 inches. I'm looking for a simple model. I'm learning to quilt. Any help is greatly appreciated.

This piece of fabric size is called Barrio fat. Find books or models that say quarter fat environment, or specially designed for fat quarters. For starters, nothing better than a Chinese model parts. It is very simple, no intersections seam height, and teaches the fundamentals of the tape online. See instructions here: http://www.quilterscache.com/C/ChineseCoinsBlock.html This Flickr group has photos of the many ways you can use this model: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2009coinquiltpiecealong / pool / Rail Fence block is similar to the parties in China, it also reconstituted of the band. You can cut long strips of fabric, sew them together, then cut into blocks. This trend very quickly. Http: / / www.quilterscache.com / R RailFenceBlock.html / I also recommend that you consult a book called "Start Quilting with Alex Anderson." This is an excellent first book quilting. I took the beginner class quilting uses what our textbooks.

Choosing a mattress of high quality summer baby

Now available on the market a wide range of summer mat, that selection should not only can enjoy the freshness, but is not harmful to health. Examples of different summer mat materials, so that everyone can choose.
Using slides, Puca, Malan woven grass, the material is soft, high affinity with skin feel cool, and more for the elderly and the physically weak amateur. Experts say the best mattress for babies and young children because their nervous systems are not mature, the temperature of the body's regulatory role adaptability weak, poor, cold and warm carpet and seats Leather is easy for children to catch a cold, and should not choose. To sleep, it is best covered with a quilt and then use small slim pants.
However, a straw mat, a major drawback is easy to time mites. New carpet before use, preferably in the exhibition sun repeatedly cons several times, then sprinkled with hot water and dry in the shade. Next year, for reuse of old mats, the use of new wipe disinfectant or wash with soap and water, mold, carpets are used each days stained with sweat and dust, clean with hot water before bedtime applications.
To be elected a long bamboo texture flat-grained, flexible, elastic "first green seats." Head Green Head Road, which excludes most fresh and flexible. However, carpet costs large, the elderly and children and physically weak, and should not be used. Therefore, the air mat is more suitable for young.
If the carpet uneven bedding beds or more, easily damaged, when the platform bed mat bamboo table to hold training to avoid damage. In addition, the carpet should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise they become brittle. It is good to use warm water before going to bed every cleaning day, so that the carpet can be cooler.
Business seats
Flax is a natural fiber bundle with a natural hole and unique form of pectin time hypotenuse, for contact with the pores of the skin problem, which is open when exposed to heat, can absorb the sweat and the conduction Rapid Thermal Cold Case, close, save energy, has an excellent air permeability, moisture absorption and the nature of the human body moisture under normal temperature really feels the temperature drop of about 4 ℃, there is a "natural air conditioning systems, reputation, moderate to cold accessible to seniors and children. In addition, bedding and mattresses also has great health benefits of summer, can inhibit the growth of fungi and microorganisms.
Now, however, there had been some quality clothing mat, but off of hot gas and the feeling after use, but also a sense define the hair, itching everywhere. Choose from the following aspects of authenticity, in terms of appearance, elements of authentic clothing slightly milky white hair and clear lines of fabric, color defective slightly yellow, clear lines, the point of view of the hand, thick and full hard and soft a degree of hardness, pop in your hands after opening times less; feel bad after a few gentle folds pinch harder and recovery, sense of touch, hemp fabric attached to the skin to stimulate the sense of the small, the contact is bad when Mauze sense.
Belongs in the summer of high quality mat, leather production all the water is of better quality, warmth, moisture, and a fine of Fresh moderate degree, and the more you use the brighter, however the price. When using leather seats should be cleaned regularly Ximian with some wet towels, but not in direct sunlight or flames Zhishi, do not wash with water and, if the stain with a damp cloth to gently clean any time he can. Gallery pores and grooves are a natural way, without any special maintenance.
Today science and technological content, a longer mat, the raw material used in all kinds of 3-4 years, bright, strong, tall and straight, Hsinchu, after cooking at high temperature in the extract of bamboo fiber, cotton-like fabric, son, finally on the seats. Its texture, flexibility, no contains no chemical additives, is a true sense of the ambient air of the mat. Because the section of bamboo fiber is full of loopholes large and small, can be free to absorb and evaporate moisture absorption of moisture, humidity and a variety first grade fiber in nature, but it also has a unique performance deodorant antibacterial and ideal for infants and young children for the product to order others.
Experts have warned that no matter what kind of summer sleeping mats, when used at room temperature are not too low, especially not for a time out long, if not "add cool cool, the body is good for people who are more vulnerable than other cases. He suffered from the disease of the spine, frozen shoulder, many others, probably due to low temperatures was sleeping mat and lead to "a night of sickness." Therefore, the best terrace to sleep at night blankets or thin, in particular is to ensure that shoulders, back and abdomen and other parts are not cold. About the Author

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